Blue Lake Notes: Get to know the Mad River Grange

If you haven’t experienced the Mad River Grange in some form or another, you are missing out. The Mad River Grange holds its monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of every month, starting with a community potluck at 6 p.m., where members and non-members are invited to bring a dish to share and share in good company. 

The business meeting then takes place at 7 p.m. Monthly breakfasts are on the second Sunday of every month, where pancakes, eggs, sausage or ham, and toast are served! 

However, the Mad River Grange is more than just a monthly breakfast, and at the last regular meeting, we all got to learn from the State Grange just what this organization is all about and the history of the Grange. 

Not only is our Grange the hub of the community, but the Grange at the local, regional, state and even national level, help to support and mold legislative issues that range from organic farming to climate control to social issues as well. 

As one of the first fraternal family organizations, the Grange movement began over 150 years ago to help promote agriculture and the needs of farmers in the United States, and while some of the traditions like secret handshakes and passwords are seldom used in many present day Granges, these organizations continue to support farmers, agriculture and the community! 

Keep your eyes open for new and exciting projects offered by the Mad River Grange.

Coffee Club

My favorite day of the week is Friday, not just because it’s the last day of my work week, but because of Coffee Club. This amazing little get together was started several months ago because we lacked a coffee shop here in Blue Lake. It has morphed a little, evolving with the community and those who run it. 

Coffee Club continues to take place every Friday starting at 7 a.m. at the Mad River Grange. Rhonda and Karina are there with freshly baked bread and fresh local produce all by donation, and all proceeds go to the Mad River Grange. 

The Wha-Nika Women’s Club has recently added a special donation jar to the tables of Coffee Club to support “Cup of Joe for a Joe”    a special project of the Wha-Nikas, where all your donations go to purchase coffee for our troops. 

And while all this is going on, the community is laughing and connecting in amazing ways. I love the energy when I walk in, and seeing neighbors and friends before I leave. Blue Lake, if you haven’t checked out Coffee Club yet….  come on by this Friday! Your neighbors would love to see you! 

Wha-Nika Women’s Club 

The Wha-Nika Women’s Club has been a chartered club for over 110 years! At the next Blue Lake City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 26  at 6:30 p.m., council will be presenting a special proclamation in honor of the Wha-Nikas and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Federation Day coming up in April. 

The Wha-Nikas are an integral part of the community, supporting the schools, the museum, the Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department, the Blue Lake Community Resource Center and the Mad River Grange. These women continue to teach me what it means to be in service to my community, and help me to understand the rich history that Blue Lake provides! 

I look forward to seeing all those who wish to support the Wha-Nikas on Tuesday, March 26 at the Council Chambers located behind City Hall at 111 Greenwood Rd. in Blue Lake.



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