Blue Lake Notes: Artisans Collective Holiday Market

IN SUNNY BLUE LAKE At the mixer were members of the Blue Lake City Council, the only all female council in the State of California. From left are councilmembers Jean Lynch, Elizabeth Mackay, Adelene Jones (Mayor), Bobbi Ricca and Summer Daugherty. Photo by April Sousa

Happy fall from “Sunny” Blue Lake. The biggest news for the City of Blue Lake is the new Blue Lake Artisans Collective; a group of artisan’s sponsored by the Ink People’s Dream Maker’s project, which shows off the many talents of the local Blue Lake area.

Pottery, yarn arts, quilting, woodworking, and baked goods are just a few of the items you will find at the new “Holiday Market” put on by the Collective.

The Holiday Market is located in the historic Emporium building. The original building was built by Clement Chartin in 1883 and housed a mercantile store.

In 1889, Alexander Brizard purchased the building in 1889, and it became known as “A. Brizard’s Emporium.” This was the last stop on the mule train going east. The building was owned by the Brizard family until 1947, when it was purchased by Ray and Annabell Schull.

During that time, it housed a small restaurant and the VFW hall. The current owner is Kent Sawatzky, and the building has been vacant for a number of years. However, the charm of the building, inside and out, still exists, and Blue Lake is excited to see the building being used once more for the Holiday Market experience, thanks to the generosity of its current owner and the hard work of the Collective, the City of Blue Lake and the Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce.

The Collective hosted the Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce mixer at the Emporium on Nov. 8 and what a turn out! More than 125 members of the Chamber of Commerce as well as members from the Arcata, Eureka, and McKinleyville chambers of commerce supported the event!

Food and drink from local vendors such as Mad River Brewery, Jewell Distillery and Blackberry Bramble, plus others, was provided.

The grand opening of the Holiday Market of the Blue Lake Artisans Collective was on Nov. 12. The Holiday Market will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Christmas. Come experience what the Blue Lake Artisan’s Collective has to offer!


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