Blue Lake Notes: Access and vigilance

We’ve made it through so much in Blue Lake and June is now upon us. The new strategies for distance learning are almost over and summer is about to officially begin. Places are reopening and restrictions are lessening, not just around Blue Lake, but all over Humboldt County. 

I just want to encourage everyone to keep being vigilant. Just because we can go get a haircut now, or even dine in at some restaurants, does not mean this is over. It means that our area now has room to take care of anyone who gets sick. That being said, here is some information on what you can start doing soon in Blue Lake.

Blue Lake Parks and Recreation is working on its plan and implementation for a revised Summer Camp for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Information should be available online at the end of the week, or early next week, and the camp is slated to begin June 22. It will be smaller than years past and it will fill up fast, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Probably the best thing ever to do in Blue Lake as the weather gets warm is go to the river. A couple reminders is to please keep your distance from other families and do not form large groups. 

The Blue Lake Levee Loop Trail is another favorite. Over the past few weeks I have seen so many out walking and riding bikes. You all have been amazing and courteous staying six feet or more in distance. 

Speaking of trails, the highly anticipated Annie & Mary trail section along the railroad right of way has broken ground. A  special ribbon cutting ceremony will be scheduled when a large scale event can take place! This is an exciting new addition to Blue Lake!

Before I go, there are a couple of governmental items that I want to share with you. If you own a dog within the city limits, please make sure you license your dog. I know there has been confusion with this in the past. All dogs within city limits must be licensed, which includes rabies certification. You can contact City Hall for more information and costs, or check out the website. 

Also, summer time is the time for house projects. 

Maybe you have been completing these projects while sheltering in place. Remember to talk to the building inspector before you do any major building project, including any replacement of a tank water heater.



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