Blue Lake City Council makes a county wish list

Patrick Evans
Mad River Union

BLUE LAKE – What’s in a business park name? The Blue Lake Economic Development Committee wants to know. The committee has recommended renaming the Blue Lake Business District to Power’s Creek District, a rebranding intended to attract new companies and tenants.

The business district was originally the site of the McIntosh lumber mill and has been primarily used for heavy industry. Committee members want the district to grow as a mixed use development area, integrating retail stores, light industry, housing and apartments according to City Manager Amanda Mager.

The park would not provide space for cannabis cultivation as Blue Lake has decided to go cannabis free, Mager said.

The Blue Lake City Council is working on an ordinance to ban commercial cultivation in 2017, although it will permit and regulate recreational growing.

List of projects for Board of Supervisors

The Blue Lake City Council is making a wish list for the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors at the request of Third District Supervisor Mike Wilson. City staff will draft a list of projects to which the county could provide assistance and funding.

The council considered asking for additional law enforcement officers and help improving recreational trails. The most talked about proposal was improving traffic safety on city streets.

Blue Lake is bisected by a truck route used by several truck companies.

The trucks pass by a school and could pose a danger to children walking to class and home. Solutions could include posting radar warning signs and launching a public awareness campaign.


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