Bill behind bars again this Halloween, for your own good

The mayhem-reduction fence is in place for Saturday night's festivities. KLH | Union

The mayhem-reduction fence is in place for Saturday night's festivities. KLH | Union

PLAZA – President McKinley, Arcata’s premier piece of public art, will once again have bodyguards on Halloween this year. It's not to contain his furies, but to prevent celebrants from clambering up his stolid metal flanks and testing his patience.

The Plaza after Halloween 2011. KLH | Arcata Eye

The Plaza after Halloween 2011. KLH | Arcata Eye

For those who’ve just joined our story in progress, the Plaza was trashed on Halloween 2011, and no one has figured out a better way to keep Plaza mayhem to a minimum on All Hallow’s Eve other than by fencing off the center.

Stated APD Lt. Ryan Peterson, “You’ll see lots of police officers both on foot and in patrol cars out on and around the Plaza, fencing around McKinley, generator lights stands illuminating the Plaza and side streets, and the [APD] command post set-up with location still to be determined.”

The city's press release:

Halloween 2013. KLH | Union

Halloween 2013. KLH | Union



During past Halloween nights, unruly and criminal behavior has resulted in signifcant criminal activity on the Arcata Plaza and within the downtown areas.  This activity has resulted in high value vandalism and property damage, unnecessary injuries, and multiple arrests by the police department.
Due to this past behavior,  the Arcata Police Department along with officers from other local and state law enforcement agencies will be conducting increased, highly-visible and interactive patrols of the Arcata Plaza and downtown areas throughout Halloween night and weekend.
The Arcata Police Department is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and inviting environment on the Plaza and downtown areas, but will enforce a zero tolerance policy for criminal conduct.  As a reminder alcohol consumption and smoking are not permitted anywhere in the downtown areas of Arcata.
There are many alternative events for adults to enjoy on Halloween. The APD encourages people to act responsibly, respect the community, designate a driver, and have responsible fun.



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  2. How much does it cost? said:

    Cleanup costs after 2011 were $6,500. How much is it costing us to have all that police presence instead? Because cleaning up after a great party is money much better spent. Seriously, please inform us how much the police presence is costing us.

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