Bikin' Bob O. Gets Trucked, Prognosis: Ornery – December 1, 2011

Mayor Susan Ornelas with Bob's bloodied jersey. KLH | Eye

TRINIDAD – Former Mayor and inveterate bicyclist Bob Ornelas was hit by a truck on Trinidad's Scenic Drive Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 29. The sideswipe collision left him with five broken ribs, a punctured lung and severely road-rashed left arm.

According to Mayor Susan Ornelas, his wife, Bob was solo riding along narrow Scenic Drive not far from Cher-Ae Heights Casino when he heard a truck approaching and pulled over to let it pass. But his bike hit a patch of mud and apparently became bogged down. At this point, he was either struck or snagged by the truck.

"I think maybe it grabbed onto his jersey," Susan said.

The truck's driver stopped to assist Bob and call for help. An acquaintance who works for Cal Fire happened to be passing by, and stopped and gave first aid. Susan said she was notified by Cher-Ae Heights' security department.

For now, Bob remains in the Mad River Community Hospital Intensive Care Unit due to his punctured lung.

This photo from Bob's last AIDS Lifecycle Ride is sort of a pre-enactment of his crash.

Susan said physicians were impressed with 50-something Bob's hardiness, likely owing to his vigorous bicycling regimen. "They kept saying, 'Man, his vitals are fabulous,'" Susan said.

Bob doesn't want to be disturbed in ICU, but things are looking good for a speedy recovery, as the restless biker is already grousing about his forced grounding.

"If anything, he's a little ornery," Susan said.



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  1. Dan Hughes said:

    Yea I remember as a child in the 1970’s my Dad made me do chores. One of them was recycling the aluminium cans . SodaPop and Oly beer cans.

    Do you kids want to know where they went?

    To the “COORS” beer recycling center on Rourth street Eureka California 95501

    , 165 U,S, Hwy 101 Eureka Ca. 95501 Google Maps GPS Co-Ordinates; 40.801636,-124.174715

    Which is now General Recyling.

    They were recycling long before the Arcata community recycling center was a scam in some stoner/slacker college girls eye.

  2. Dan Hughes said:

    I guess their is justice in this world. Seeing how after I paid good hard earned cold hard cash for that pony keg of Mad River brewery beer and it gave me the equivalent of Montezuma revenge, Yes indeed there is justice in this world kids one just has to be patient. My buddies wouldn’t even drink it.

  3. Kathi & Carl Sikora said:

    In July Bob wrote:
    “I must quell my addiction to cycling. I must return to normal life and address the 47 messages on my answering machine, face the overgrown lawn, and busy myself with the many letters of thanks that I should write to all my patrons and friends. The bike can wait.

    My fanny can do without the saddle for now… and I can put a smile on Susan’s face by installing that outdoor shower she has been patiently been expecting, for, what, two, three years?”

    Looks like This Time The Bike Will Wait!
    Bob, you can always recuperate in sunny Ajo. Cheers,Kathi & Carl

  4. Deborah Patterson said:

    News of Bad Bob travels clear to Jackson Hole Wyoming…Wishing you both the best…sincerely, Deborah Patterson (used to be Radant)

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  6. Rita Jacinto said:

    Wishing Bob and fast and complete recovery….and the Susan the patience to make it through!

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