Ben Shepherd: the McKMAC welcomes you

If someone has a topic for consideration by the McKMAC (McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee), the easiest way to bring that to our attention is to email it to [email protected]

The McKMAC has no staff and the chair develops the agenda to be published by the Friday before our regular meeting, which is usually the last Wednesday of each month. Another way would be to mail it to the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) office addressed to the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee, 1656 Sutter Rd., McKinleyville, CA 95519, care of the MCSD.

Shepherd McKMAC badgeIf a member of the public brings up a topic during the public input on non-agenda items portion of our agenda, the McKMAC cannot discuss it but can put it on a future agenda. All suggestions will be considered, but may be placed on the agenda if they fall within the scope of the McKMAC. We do not hear general planning issues like projects and permits.

The McKMAC is a Brown Act committee that details what we can and cannot do to ensure that the public has notice as to what we are going to act on in advance and available for everyone to see in a timely manner. Our agendas are available on the Humboldt County website and are posted at the MCSD office and at the McKinleyville Library.

Some of the past significant items included public safety, where the McKMAC discussions led to our requesting increased funding through a sales tax measure which led to Measure Z and is resulting in increased public safety funding.

We have been active in advising Humboldt County Public Works Department in the Central Avenue Project, safety improvements from Anna Sparks Way to Hiller Road. The final plans for this will be heard by the McKMAC in December or possibly January.

The McKMAC invites you to attend our meetings, usually held at the Azalea Conference Center at McKinleyville Middle School. If the topic is such that more room is needed, we try to schedule Azalea Hall.

Check out the agendas posted on the Humboldt County website,, and add your voice to help the McMAC represent the views of the residents of McKinleyville to the Board of Supervisors.

Ben Shepherd is the chair of the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee.


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