Behold The Eye Issue Scrutinizers' Bold Ballot Choices – October 30, 2010

Nicole Barchilon Frank

Voted for Dave Meserve, Gallegos, Wilson. Not sharing publicly more of my choices as I don’t have time to go into details. My ballot is already in the mail.

Thought about writing a poem, but don’t have the time to craft one. So this is a poem-like, prose-like conglomerate of my thoughts in a short form (rare for me).

O’ so much to wale about

Folks behaving poorly not my thing

I care about the WAY

we do what we DO

So, if you are mean spirited, damning and politically savvy you may not be my choice

That said, I am also swayed by friends and the choices of others.

If you are a planned parenthood supporter, a feminist, gay-friendly, spiritually inclined and open minded and support the North Coast Resource Center I will probably vote for you. If I have to choose between two candidates who fit all these qualifications it gets a little trickier.

In terms of Ms. Wilson. Damn, she knows her job, why oust her? Math is my nemesis, numbers and figure cause me pain. Seems ridiculous to me to move someone who is doing her job out of it?

Gallegos, he’s already doing his job too, not a lunatic or a criminal, has his own way of doing things, cares about our community. I don’t have to agree with all his choices, but I HATE it when folks lambast others and blame them for the ills of the universe. I prefer personal responsibility and honesty and if you make a mistake and admit it, you’re more likely to garner my support than if you act infallible.

Dave’s a friend, cares about many of the same things I do, has the best signs (AND ART MATTERS) and he’s a fellow wildly inclined person, meaning likely to feel strongly about things, make mistakes, get lots done and help folks and have his HEART absolutely in the right place.

He might offend a person or two as well, something I can relate to. I trust he and I will continue to work on that and I’ll hold him to a high standard of personal conduct.

Robin Hashem

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a bit tired of “politics” this time of year, especially the posturing and distortion of facts that seemingly must accompany running for office. Even our nonpartisan Arcata City Council race has fallen prey to this stuff, from distasteful political jockeying at the Democratic Central Committee (’scuse me, remember this is a non-partisan race? Big deal, let the Democrats endorse who they want to endorse) to some candidates pandering popular ideas without backing them up with cold, hard facts.

Some candidates rely on the inconvenient truth that the voting public doesn’t always pay attention to what’s going on or have the historic background to make a truly informed decision.

Public bathrooms, who wouldn’t want one? BTW, we did have one down at the Arcata Transit Center. It was trashed in unspeakable ways and had to be closed. And the public bathroom down at the Marsh? Burned to the ground. Porta-potties behind Plaza Design, same deal, quickly not suitable for general public use.

It used to be simple. Most local businesses used to let you use their bathroom if needed, but now will not either because they became trashed or the financial constraints of having to make them handicapped accessible if used by the public. Ask former Councilman Bob Ornelas what he thinks about public bathrooms, you will get an earful, if you can even get him to talk about it anymore.

Got Bike? Vote Dave. Or Mark Wheetley or Alex Stillman or Geronimo Garcia or Mark Sailor. Every year I see Mark Wheetley with his kids and our Public Works Director giving their time down at the summer Bike Rodeo on the Plaza. This event includes giveaways and provides instruction on proper bike maintenance, safety and more, all to encourage kids to ride bikes. The Arcata Police Department started an incentive program to encourage kids to wear helmets (kids “caught” wearing helmets have been awarded gift certificates donated by local businesses). Geronimo hauls his home by bike and Mark Sailor makes his living with a pedi-cab. Alex Stillman literally is a cheerleader for the Arcata Ridge Trail. The City continues in whatever way it can to encourage bike and pedestrian transport.

Should we make Arcata a charter city so we can have a police review board and make our own rules? As noted in the council debates, the city of Bell was a charter city and we know what happened there. Becoming a charter city or looking into it will take much time and money that would be better spent on things our community really needs. I don’t think Arcatans have been shy about speaking their mind, doing things our way or looking outside of the box for solutions.

Perhaps we need to be more concerned about preserving the Arcata Marsh as our wastewater treatment facility or making sure we get the most out of the money we do have than looking into becoming a charter city.

I guess what I am saying is it is necessary to have vision, but it’s also imperative to be able to make those visions happen. As a voter, consider each candidate’s history, look behind the words to their ACTUAL record of how they have served the community and how well they work with others to accomplish things. Right now we have a functional, effective council that is able to listen and consider all points of view and make decisions based on facts and budget constraints that are good for all of the community without throwing compassion to the wind. They have figured out how to work well together despite personal differences or styles. Real change is happening with the current council.

Considering that, I suggest voting for continued, real change by electing Alex Stillman and Mark Wheetley to serve with Michael Winkler, Shane Brinton and Susan Ornelas, a good, working council.

I look forward to seeing the other candidates participating (or continuing to participate in some cases) at the council meetings or on the many committees and commissions has that the City and council use to get things done.

Paul Hooker

My choices for City Council are Alex Stillman and Mark Wheetley. They have been accessible during their current terms as councilmembers.

Mark and Alex have always had their listening ears on whenever I spoke to either them or while addressing the council. I haven’t always agreed with them, or the council, but still they accepted my input. I think the current council is the best council we have had in years. They have focused mainly on local issues and not grandstanding about some special interest issue.

We need councilmembers that are willing to listen to the citizens of Arcata, and act according to the input received. I think Mark Wheetley and Alex Stillman have shown time and again that they are concerned about our city and its citizens. So, Alex and Mark get my votes.

Kevin Hoover

I didn’t expect this column to be so uniform in its City Council recommendations. Frankly it’s a little discomfiting, and I wish more of the Scrutinzers had responded. But maybe that HSU poll is indicative.

Alex Stillman is not only in her prime, but seemingly on an upward arc. She combines excellent values with ceaseless work on behalf of Arcata, all with a graceful, relaxed spirit. Alex is another one of those people who elevates those around her to be their best.

Mark Wheetley, Mr. Nice Guy, is a very solid, center-progressive policy brain. He has deft mastery of the subtly interconnected mechanisms of government and policymaking, not to mention grant funding, and that has served Arcata well.

The product of a multi-generational Democratic family, Wheetley makes individual choices, not relying on doctrine to guide his decisions. This has not endeared him to the greasy party political operatives. They don’t like him, and that, regardless of any position he may take on this or that issue, is a huge plus in my booklet. Bottom line with Wheetley: good stuff gets done for Arcata.

I’ve criticized Dave Meserve a lot, but always for things he’s done, not what he is. And even when I thought he was blowing it with zealotry-driven excess, I can’t think of a time when his decisions weren’t made with Arcata’s best interests in mind, by his lights.

Dave is a great Arcatan. His politics are quintessentially Arcatan. Lots of Arcata people share his core values, including me. Where we differ is in implementation.

Thinking back on Meserve's prior term of office, the overall memory is one of pain – pain for citizens with everyday business trying to participate in Arcata City Council meetings. These were meetings that stretched into the late hours as political activists and conspiracy theorists from up and down the West Coast came to harangue the council with their theories about war, homelessness and 9/11, telling us how morally wanting we in Arcata are unless our small town takes on these national and international issues. This while routine important civic business waited, unaddressed, as City staff, who are maxed out daily with substantive projects, stayed late into the evening enduring endless speechifying from non-residents and the City Attorney sat there piling up billable hours.

With energy and evenings freed from agenda items that resulted in little or no benefit to our citizens, Arcata has been able to focus on meaningful environmental and social progress. From the Marsh/Baylands to the creeks to the forest, Arcata is restoring its natural treasures. The new Night Shelter opens this weekend, and the Arcata Crossing transitional shelter is on a steady track. Progress is made with persistent, incremental steps where no one is applauding and hooting, as at the council meetings of olde. If only Obama could have turned around his predecessor's ruin as quickly.

Note that Dave did help with some of this, between the pointless imbroglios. Again, he means well. He just has no sense of scale and will as eagerly drag everyone out on a non-productive ideological limb as toil on always-pressing municipal affairs.

When you think about it, how much did Dave really accomplish on his key goals during his council term? We don't have a downtown restroom, arguably because of his advocacy for a super-expensive hi-tech unit. He overreached massively in trying to establish a "Dignity Village" homeless camp, rather than devote that effort to the more realistic and achievable sorts of facilities that are in the pipeline now. You have to admit, though, that the time-consuming thrusts against the Bush administration did pretty much bring it to its knees.  OK, maybe not. On everyday municipal business, Dave was competent, as good as any reasonably intelligent person would be. But it was never his passion.

Councilmember Shane Brinton has been fairly on-topic lately, focusing on City business rather than ideologically-driven initiatives. Put Dave next to him on the council, though, and Shane's going to spiral back off into loopy-land, where solar eclipses threaten civil rights.

It's ironic that Dave's truly great campaign signs advertise "Back To The Future," when reinstalling him would return a painful past of polarization and paralysis. The role and duties of a councilmember are too limiting for Dave's global vision. His best work is done outside of government.

Josh Mohland and Mark Sailors are the stuff of future leaders, and we need them. They should put in some time on City committees, learn how Arcata is wired and how to get things done. Josh should get on the Economic Development Committee (there's an opening right now), and Mark would be a fantastic Transportation Safety Committeemember. If you’re serious, check back in six or eight years, guys.

Where does Genonimo Garcia live? He swang by the office a few months ago to tell us that he was "living in a Manila City Councilmember's driveway." His official residence is listed as Eighth and H streets on the Plaza, where he held his vigil for political prisoner Tad Robinson. Geronimo seems to do his fact finding via a sort of Brownian Motion method – wandering around and having more or less random conversations with people. We needed to interview him for a candidate profile, so John Osborn and I figured we'd run into Geronimo sooner or later. After weeks of not encountering him and time running out, I sent a Facebook message to someone I know in Manila. Literally within three minutes, the office phone rang and it was Geronimo, offeding cell phone and e-mail contacts.

Not that Geronimo needs a takedown here, but between his dubious residency, checkered past of vandalism, violent clashes with police and his small-potatoes way of doing research, it's fairly clear that his is a stunt candidacy.

Aldaron Laird

Alex Stillman and Mark Wheetley, without a doubt. As I alluded to in the question to ask the candidates that I sent to you I believe that it is essential to elect people who can work well with others and build consensus. These two candidates have a track record of listening and collaboration, as well as getting things done.

Mark Leppanen

Arcata, is still suffering from a Meserve hangover, so I think they will vote Mark and Alex back in. As far as DA goes, I imagine Gallegos will win 66 percent to 34 percent.

Although it is a midterm election (and most voters would normally stay home), Prop 19 is a game changer.... consequently all the enablers will benefit from the “green tea” party vote in California. That is, unless they get too high to find their voting booths.

“I just read the daily news, and swear by every word.”


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  1. Mark Sailors said:

    Not arguing that people should be up to code. We agree on that. Also not saying you shouldn’t report the news, you can and should. My point, as always, is that legitimate patients are getting hurt by ILLEGITIMATE growers. They are being lumped in with criminals. That’s the point I am making. Not that YOU are doing the lumping, just that it is happening.
    I have a solution in the works for the legitimate patients that want a safe place to produce their own medicine that is NOT in a residential unit.

    We will talk later this week.

  2. kevpod said:

    Yes, I’ve been told before – on two specific occasions that I can recall offhand – that we shouldn’t report news because someone might make inaccurate assumptions. Once was an anonymous note from an advertiser who said the police log exposed peoples’ private business (which consumes public resources and is a public record). The other time was when I was told that we shouldn’t report that Sunny Brae Church had set up a tent camp on its grounds.

    The headline reads “400 Plants, $40K Cash And More.” It doesn’t say anything about guilt or even charges.

    The only address mentioned in the story is the one from which the cannabis and money were confiscated. Anyone wanting the address of the other legal 215 grow can get it from the City’s Building department, as there is code enforcement correspondence. I could have published that it, but why?

    We withheld a public detail in our news story out of discretion for the resident. The other side of that, though, is that the rest of Arcata deserves to know what’s going on in the community, what the police are spending their time on, and at least generally where, hence the block is named.

    By the way, both of these residences were virtually encircled by police vehicles parked there for hours on a sunny day, with officers traipsing in and out as neighbors stood around gawking (and taking their own pictures).

    Regarding paranoia. Maybe these people need some fresh air. Here we have just the latest of many instances of the police actually being in the house, hovering over the grow – and walking away.

    From my conversations with Arcata Fire and the Building dept., those people would rather prevent problems than have to deal with the aftermath. They know how to, and do inspect grows and sign off on them.

    Mark, even legal growers have to acknowledge that they are part of a larger community. Paranoia is a lame excuse for maintaining a grow so sloppy the neighbors are alarmed and calling cops. We’ve all seen tidy little grows, even ones implemented with a certain degree of flair. What’s the excuse for a slob grow, anyway?

    Should a 215 grower have a fire, they’ll expect Arcata firefighters to come and put themselves at risk to put it out and save them and their property. The City and Fire Dept. are perfectly within their rights to expect safety compliance to avert situations that could expose neighbors and emergency personnel to danger.

  3. Mark Sailors said:

    The story does not say “Two gardens investigated, One massively illegal, one legal” it says “400 Plants, $40K Cash And More” . It mentions the general address of the people, and anyone just reading the headline would assume everyone involved was breaking the law.
    I agree that gardeners should have their gardens up to code, but with the way they are demonized, and live in fear of this very thing happening, I cant blame them for not wanting ANY city official involved.
    Prop 215 does not mention anything about limited wattage, nor anything else in the Arcata medical cannabis regulations. Part of the law, The MMPA, is a VOLUNTARY card system, no where does it force you to involve any city, county, or state officials.

    If people were not afraid of the repressions they would all get their gardens done professionally.

    No one that is not breaking the law should have to face a police raid, nor have their address published in the paper.

  4. kevpod said:

    “I would think that the real story here would be the HARASSMENT of the legitimate patients whose lives were turned upside down. YOU did not demonize them, but you let a press release into the paper that implied in the headline that they were in fact criminals. They were/are not.”

    1. How were they implied to be criminals?

    2. The 215 garden was legitimate, and installed in such as way as to put that home and potentially the neighbors at risk.

    Those people should be thankful that this hazard was identified and corrected. What they should have done was call in Arcata Fire and/or the Building Official for sign-off when they installed the thing. Then they could have averted concerning the neighbors and bringing cops to their door.

    just as a side point. Robert never substantiated his claim about “demonizing homeless people.” He cited some random opinion pieces that don’t support his premise.

  5. Mark Sailors said:

    The harassment of legitimate patients does go on in this city. No one can deny that. In fact, not to point fingers, but a legitimate patient garden was included in a raid, and an article about 400 plants and 40k in cash (
    “APD Press Release

    SUNNY BRAE – On Wednesday, Nov. 10, officers from the Arcata Police Department’s Special Services Unit served two search warrants in the Sunny Brae neighborhood of Arcata. Both search warrants were served on single family residences where illegal marijuana cultivation operations were suspected to be taking place.”

    “The second search warrant, served at a residence in the 1500 block of Lena Ave, uncovered another marijuana growing operation. This growing operation was found to be in compliance with current proposition 215 guidelines, however, numerous building code violations were discovered requiring the disconnection of electrical service.”

    Now, I do understand that this is a press release from APD, but as a newspaper, i would think that the real story here would be the HARASSMENT of the legitimate patients whose lives were turned upside down. YOU did not demonize them, but you let a press release into the paper that implied in the headline that they were in fact criminals. They were/are not.

    I am convinced that you are NOT an evil fuckhead, just the editor of a local paper that has a POLARIZED community. You can’t make everyone happy all the time. To me, if people are not pissed of at the editor, the paper is not doing its job.

    Keep up the good work.

    You are a good guy, very smart, and well spoken. Please take it down a notch or two, people do not understand the law, nor can they seem to look it up. The police are not lawyers, they only know the law as it was explained to them. Most of the time their grasp of the law is only cursory, that is why we have courts.

  6. kevpod said:

    Hey Robert, not only do I demonize the homeless, turns out I’m a vigilante who harasses medical marijuana patients. What I’d like to know is why this community tolerates a mean fuckhead like me who has such appallingly bad values?!?

  7. Robert Benson said:

    Please, advise, as to where I have been dishonest. I have been informed that Ms. Stillman bailed the Eye out of financial ruin a number of years ago, perhaps, the rumor is about the Eye’s financial beginnings; I accept your word that she did not (though, with a grain of salt).

    I maintain that the Eye has a distinct history of demonizing the homeless: “Kevin Hoover, has popularized the term ‘plazoid’ to describe those homeless people who congregate at the city’s central square (“the Plaza”), on city streets, and in other city parks.” (Wikipedia, The Arcata Eye); “However, I’m objecting to much of the language in your editorial which reinforces so many of the stereotypes of the homeless population. These seem especially insensitive and judgmental in the midst of the biggest recession since the Great Depression. It’s particularly disturbing that those who are not in a position of desperation continually feel they are entitled to cast judgment on those who are in those situations.” (Letters to the Editor, April 4, 2010); “Human Bodies Litter the Roadsides in Arcata” – September 1, 2010; “Kevin Hoover: Freedom Of Expression Includes Freedom From Harassment” March 18, 2010 (All of it.); etc. – shall I continue? Additionally, you seem to mysteriously resound all of Ms. Stillman’s public policies; perhaps, merely, coincidentally.

    As to “going all Adolph”…If you can not see how Arhata has ushered in a new era of hate against the homeless, you “may” be biased or the source, thereof. FYI, I am ultra-fringe – until the People wake up to the gross frauds being perpetrated against them and start to demand constitutional government. Enjoy!

  8. kevpod said:

    Robert… glass houses, pot kettle black, etc. Your innuendo-laden comments of 2010/11/02 at 9:01 am and 2010/11/04 at 6:22 pm aren’t exactly impregnable fortresses of honesty.

    “What about loans that Alex Stillman has given the Arcata Eye when in financial ruin? ”

    My business’s only financial relationship with any City Councilmembers past or present, has been as subscribers or occasional advertisers.

    “The Arcata Eye has a distinct history of demonizing the homeless”

    When? Which editions? Page numbers? Citations?

    And Hitler? Sorry Robert. You made some sense during the campaign but going all Adolph on your fellow citizens pretty much consigns you to the ultra-fringe.

  9. Robert Benson said:

    Daniel Wasserman,
    CORRECTION: You are a liar, a coward and a fraud. You provoke with lies and hide behind a false identity. Show some dignity.

  10. Robert Benson said:

    Daniel Wasserman (if that be your true name),
    Additionally, please, provide an address for legal service, as you do not appear to be in the white pages.

  11. Robert Benson said:

    Daniel Wasserman,
    Though it appears that Arcata City Council is practicing eugenics by making it illegal for the poor to be in Arcata, I stay to resist the discrimination that others are not able to resist. Your comment of my being a “self-professed member of the ‘poor” appears to be intended to provoke my anger, as I am destitute.
    I did not attack kevpod. I did ask kevpod how much money he has gotten from Alex Stillman over the years. He could not provide a number. I, also, asked him how much Ms. Stillman has given him in loans when the Eye was in financial ruin, which received no response. The Arcata Eye has a distinct history of demonizing the homeless and glorifying Alex Stillman and rumors abound of Ms. Stillman’s financial influence over the Eye; please, forgive me for asking questions. I apologize, if I inferred that kevpod is in a conspiracy against me, I meant to infer he is in a conspiracy for Alex Stillman. Your statement that I am courteous as long as I am agreed with is baseless. I respond to insult with insult. The local pattern and practice of offending and condemning the response is insidious and you are a major perpetrator of same. You are a liar. That is a factual statement, not an attack. Please, explain the following lies of yours: “When I spoke with Mr. Benson made statements regarding events, statistics, and laws as they exist that I was pretty fairly convinced were not accurate or even rooted in reality. He does not provide proof when his statements are challenged. Instead he grows agitated and makes allegations against anyone present that does not share his viewpoint. Mr. Benson did tell me he is a member of royalty.” You appear to be the delusional one, sir. Please, provide answerable facts, not your “pretty fairly convinced” conclusions and we will find the folly.
    In the above described ranger situation; I do not deny raising my voice, as Officer Miller was 30-40 feet away from me, though I do deny that Miller was polite. He appeared to be harassing two citizens for sitting down on the sidewalk, not for smoking pot. I commented on the fact that the two citizens were not “blocking” the sidewalk, as is required in the state statute against blocking the sidewalk by sitting. Miller, “raising his voice” (by your definition), asked me if I was the citizens’ attorney. I answered, “no”. I have the right to speak out when I see apparent abuse of police power. Your inference that I was interfering with his duty by commenting and should have been arrested for same, is simply Orwellian. YOU should be arrested for attempted conspiracy to deprive the federally protected right of freedom of speech under color of law (Title 18 United States Code Section 241). You should, also, be arrested for obtaining confidential information. The personnel complaints you speak of are confidential, and unless you have received information from them by prevailing in a Pitchess Motion in the Superior Court, you have broken the law. I, on the other hand, am legally free to discuss them and I declare that they have nothing to do with philosophical or political discussions. The complaints were based on law. I will inform Nancy Diamond and Police Chief Chapman that there has been a confidentiality breach, as well as by whom. See you in court!
    To answer your last question: I, Robert Benson, King of Thelema, King of America, ruler of my public servants; will insult the next libelous slanderer who insults me.
    I grow tired of, repeatedly, responding to your misinformed and misleading comments intended to belittle me and provoke my anger; and your corresponding failure to respond to my comments. I beg you, I implore you, give me one instance where I insulted someone who did not insult me first.

  12. Daniel Wasserman said:

    Robert Benson, If you are so sure that Arcata is practicing “eugenics” why do you, a self-professed member of the “poor”, stay in Arcata? I would think that your loss in the recent election would mean that you are being systematically eliminated by the evil agents of Arcata.

    I am equally curious as to why you continue to attack others by inferring Kevpod is a “bought” man. I find it peculiar that Mr. Sailor remains magnanimous and polite, impugning no persons character when he does not obtain an endorsement and you grow accusatory and infer that Kevpod is a part of a conspiracy against you. The statement I made in the past that you are articulate and courteous as long as you are agreed with stands. Here is where you repeatedly call me “Liar” Mr. Benson!) I suggest an introspective moment or three Mr. Benson may help you to see what others see in you.

    As to the raising of your voice you so vehemently deny, I will give the most recent example. While walking home from a shopping trip at the Co-Op I watched one of the APD rangers tell two men that were smoking marijuana outside the Co-Op to go to a place not so public and to not sit on the sidewalk. You began to yell at the ranger when you interrupted his polite conversation with the two young men that were breaking the law. The ranger eventually shook his head and drove away.

    Later that day I asked him why he did not arrest you for interfering with his doing his duty. The ranger just smiled and said that it was not worth the effort to try to make sense to you. He said that you were one of the many harmless eccentrics that make Arcata what it is. Ir seems that even the “Eugenic” cops are more gracious than you Mr. Benson. By the way, I have inquired and found that you have filed personnel complaints because officers did not wish to have philosophical or political discussions with you.

    So Your Majesty, King of Thelema, do tell, whom will you insult now?

  13. Robert Benson said:

    What about loans that Alex Stillman has given the Arcata Eye when in financial ruin? Also, you say “..Arcata is feeding itself, employing itself…”, obviously, you do not consider the poor to be “Arcata”; as the City Council, led by Alex Stillman, has effectuated the closing of the Endeavor/NCRC and passed a no panhandling ordinance -as Alex planned- that is discriminatorily enforced (constituting a de facto declaration that the poor are not welcome in Arcata); and “employing itself”!? Really? Where are the living wage jobs? Who is hiring? I suppose any city that abuses and cuts off basic humanitarian services for the poor will get a temporary face lift; however, this kind of eugenics policy is not befitting for a so-called conscious People, or city. Arcata’s extensive history of discriminatory ordinances will be Her Achilles heel. Only fascists hold that eliminating the poor by force is good public policy. You know, Hitler got his eugenics program from California. Do you support his policies, also? Reportedly, HSU has quite an extensive collection of eugenics material in their Sociology Department. Enjoy!

  14. kevpod said:

    Over the years I’ve listened to any number – OK, multitudes – of people opine about what we should do. A better-functioning Arcata is always the ostensible goal of all the verbiage.

    Sometimes, there are pockets of time where all this shouldness adds up, and the City does function fairly productively. At this point things are going about as well as I’ve ever seen it. It’s a rare and beautiful thing. As the country suffers its weird malaise, Arcata is feeding itself, employing itself, entertaining itself and restoring and expanding its environment on multiple fronts. Our small-town institutions are holding fast. Conditions will change, but we might as well milk this model for all its worth while it lasts.

    So my recommendations had to do with retaining what’s working while nurturing new talent for future times when the present paradigm will have run its course.

    However someday I do hope to write thundering editorials about Councilmembers Mohland and Sailors.

  15. Mark Sailors said:

    I, for one, do not believe that Kevin made his endorsments based on ANYONES financial impact on the EYE. I would assume from knowing him that he looked at the choices and made his recomendations on who he thinks would do the best job for Arcata at this time.

  16. kevpod said:

    I have no idea. She runs the Plaza Cam ad, and campaign ads like some of the other candidates. What that add up to, I’ve never tallied.

  17. davesknothere said:

    60% of the votes were for the other candidates and that was before the grand jury report . 57 to 43 for Jackson

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