Bayside Temperance Hall needs love

SONS OF TEMPERANCE In the late 1880s, the Sons of Temperance built this structure at the corner of Old Arcata and Jacoby Creek Roads.
Photo courtesy Maggie Gainer

There are a number of historic buildings at the junction of Old Arcata and Jacoby Creek Roads. There’s the Bayside Community Hall, built as a grange and completed around 1940. 

Across the street is Bayside’s most iconic building, a great expanse of white painted wood with tall windows, and broad entry stairs surmounted by a square topped tower. It was built in 1903 and served as the schoolhouse until 1957 (it now houses private businesses). 

But the oldest of the trio is one you might easily pass by. Right at the corner, between the hall and the chain link fence, is a structure built by the Sons of Temperance in the early 1880s. It has served many purposes over the years. 

Grangers met there before the hall was built. It was long a popular venue for square dancers and has served as a church on Sundays. For the last 27 years it has been the home of the Mistwood Educational Center.

The old Temperance Hall is owned by a local non-profit, recently re-named Bayside Corners Inc., created in 2007 to support community improvements and projects for residents of Bayside, the Jacoby Creek Valley and surrounding communities. 

Bayside Corners works to foster pride in the youth, seniors, natural and historic resources of the Jacoby Creek Valley by serving as a fiscal agent and fundraising arm for Bayside groups and community improvements. 

Any homeowner knows that maintaining a building is hard work. Maintaining old buildings, especially ones that serve a public function, is even tougher. 

The old Temperance Hall now needs basic repairs to the foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing and heating systems and Bayside Corners will soon launch a fund drive to make those a reality. 

For more information, or to contribute, contact Bayside Corners at (707) 826-2021, or mail your contribution to Bayside Corners at P.O. Box 342, Bayside, CA 95524.

There’s still time to put in your order for Tacos by the Creek, coming up on Saturday, Oct. 17! Indulge in home-made tacos made with mostly Jacoby Creek valley ingredients, and support the good work of the Jacoby Creek Land Trust and TRIB Research. Get more info or place your order at or call (707) 822-0900.

Have you checked out the online auction sponsored by Bayside Hall & JCLT? There is some pretty great stuff and lots of very local products and services... treat yourself or get in some early holiday shopping. 

The auction runs through Oct. 23, and auction items are still being added, so keep checking back. The auction can be reached by links from both the Bayside Hall and JCLT websites.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Filipino dinner prepared by Bayside Trio Cafe. More than 300 delicious meals were served with proceeds supporting Bayside Hall window restoration. 

The hall’s next to-go meal will be a locovore brunch on Sunday, Oct. 25 when a crew of hardworking volunteers will prepare a menu using only items sourced from within a 50-mile radius. Think about the details of that and you’ll see why they are calling it the 100-mile challenge. See the menu and get your tickets at

As always... if you have Bayside news to share, let me know! Email [email protected] or call (707) 599-3192.

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