Bayside Corners: Sunny Brae block parties every Saturday!

WORDS ON WHEELS Susanna Gibson is the energy behind Redwood Reworded, a mobile poetry-only bookstore, one of the vendors at the Sunny Brae Block Party. Photo by Kiki Cosmo

As our nearest commercial enclave, I consider the Sunny Brae shopping center to be part of the Bayside family (even if it isn’t in the 95524 ZIP code). And there is something really cool happening there this summer, fueled by the energy, passion and entrepreneurship of younger folks in our community.

Kiki Cosmo, the owner of Brainwash Thrift, the new store at #40, is organizing a Summer Block Party each Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., with local vendors, performers and special guests.

 The vendors vary each week, but are wide ranging: candles to jewelry, poetry to music, macramé to visual arts. 

The performers also vary, but will always include a combination of music, DJs and spoken word. 

As the summer goes on, I expect there will be a fascinating variety of performers and special guests. 

For example, last weekend’s special guest was the Humboldt Period Project, a new Dreammaker group that aims to combat menstruation-related stigma, by collecting and distributing menstrual supplies in a gender neutral framework, and using regular art meetings to explore emotions around menstruation.

 You can check out each week’s lineup on the Instagram page @brainwashthrift.

 Another exciting development fueled by a younger generation is the start of twice-monthly Ecstatic Dance events, on the first and third Thursdays, at Bayside Community Hall. 

Organized by Arcata Ecstatic Dance and The Thing Arcata, these dances offer an alcohol-free, cell-phone free, all-ages opportunity to connect body and music in a supportive community space. 

The DJ for the Aug. 5 event will be local electronic producer VOLO whose “deeply emotive and cinematic soundscapes resonate with intense spirituality and creative dexterity... to paint a sonic tapestry that strongly embraces the joy of being alive.”

Doors open at 7 p.m., Dance class at 7:30 p.m., Cacao and opening circle at 8:30 p.m., then dance the night away. More info at Facebook ArcataEcstaticDance. 

Tickets are limited and should be purchased in advance by Venmo (thethingarcata) or Paypal ([email protected]).

Grange Lawsuit news

Five local halls continue to struggle against the grange organization’s move to take over their buildings. 

Lillian Booth, secretary of the California State Grange, will be at Redcrest Community Center, 115 Sorenson Road, Redcrest, on Tuesday, Aug. 3  at 7 p.m. to give a presentation about “Who Owns Your Hall?” and the benefits and responsibilities of being a Grange. There will be snacks at 6:30 p.m. and time for questions after. Anyone who is interested is invited to attend.

 As always, feel free to send your thoughts, questions, comments and suggestions to [email protected].


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