Bayside Corners: Makers sought for Outdoor Fair Sept. 20

Bayside Community Hall is thrilled to announce that they have been approved to hold an outdoor Fall Makers Fair on Sunday, Sept. 20. 

The hall board has been working with the Humboldt County Business Re-Opening Compliance team for nearly a month to work out the details for a safe event and it is the first event of this type to be approved.

This fair is for all Humboldt County artists, craftspeople and providers of locally made goods and services. It will be held outdoors at multiple locations in Bayside, starting with the Bayside Hall’s newly fenced backyard and a beautiful mowed hayfield near the creek at Jacoby Creek Land Trust’s Kokte Ranch; additional Bayside locations have been identified and will be added as needed. 

At this point, lining up vendors is the most important step (and time is short!) so please pass the word along to your artisan friends. 

It may seem a bit early for holiday shopping, but local craft shopping options will likely be limited later in the year, and this is an opportunity to meet the artists, see their work and have enough time to make a special order. 

Full details for potential vendors is available on the Hall’s website

The new Bayside cider press is up and running and available for public use. 

There is a link to the online sign-up sheet on the hall’s website. Suggested donations for press use will benefit the Bayside Community Hall’s next building project, to rehabilitate its 80-year old wood frame windows.

There has been a lot of bear activity in Bayside lately, including broken fences, killed chickens, upturned trash and damaged fruit trees. 

We are all blessed to live in a beautiful area in such close proximity to nature, but this is one of the inevitable consequences. 

Walkers, be alert at dawn, dusk and after dark, and especially along the quieter roads up the valley. And let’s all be better about securing our trash!

And speaking of wildlife, do you know about the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center and Bird Ally X? 

They work to rescue, rehabilitate and return to the wild injured and orphaned wildlife, right here in Bayside. 

When I met one of the directors, Monte Merrick, earlier this month, I learned that they care for about 1,200 animals a year, about 80 percent birds. 

The types of animals needing care seem to come in clusters. When I visited a month ago, it was baby opossums, orphaned when their mothers were hit by vehicles. 

Lately it has been young common murres washing up on our beaches. Whatever the season, they are a resource you should know about in case you come across a wild animal in need. Their hotline is (707) 822-8839. And if you are an animal lover who would like to help, they can always use donations of cash or food (I hear those murres eat a lot of fish!).

As always, send comments, suggestions and news to [email protected] or call (707) 599.3192.


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