Bayside Corners: Enjoy a four-course Thai-inspired meal-to-go

Bayside Community Hall is excited to introduce new volunteer Kitchen Manager Casandra Kelly! Casandra’s eponymous Arcata-based catering business emphasizes thoughtfully sourced, seasonal, organic and wildcrafted foods, offering event catering, private chef services, cooking classes and to-go meals. 

Casandra brings a wealth of experience in restaurant management, organic farming, folk herbalism and alternative cooking styles. And they will be a huge help in keeping the hall’s new, more complex kitchen, in safe and efficient working condition.

To introduce their work to the Bayside community, Casandra will create a Thai-Inspired To-Go Meal as a benefit for Arcata Mutual Aid and Bayside Community Hall, on Saturday, March 13.

This special one-time-only four-course menu includes: Tom Kah Thai coconut soup with mushrooms, Pad Thai style noodle with sweet and sour tomato sauce and your choice of cashews or grilled chicken, green papaya salad with sweet and spicy lime dressing, and mango and coconut black rice dessert. The meal is non-dairy and gluten free. There is a vegan option. The price is $20 plus tax per meal. You can also take home pints of bubble tea for $6 (and we all know how valuable that pint canning jar is these days!)

Pick-up will be drive-through, at the hall, from 4 to 6 p.m. Please wear your mask!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Arcata Mutual Aid, the informal volunteer group that collects, cooks and distributes hot food to those in need, based out of the Bayside Community Hall kitchen. 

While a huge proportion of their supplies are donated, putting overstock food to good use, there are still expenses like masks and gloves, kitchen cleaning supplies, and eco-friendly to-go containers. It all adds up when you are putting out 200 meals a week! This benefit will help them to cover those costs for the next few months.

There are lots of ways to help out! Buy a meal for yourself or your friends. Volunteer on Friday or Saturday and get a free meal; volunteers are needed for kitchen work and for the drive-by pick-up. Or “buy” a batch of hot meals for distribution... that donation will directly support AMA’s work.

For more information, or to place an order, go to or call/text (707) 599-3192. If you are interested in volunteering in the kitchen, call/text Casandra at (818) 817-1663.

And in other news... Jacoby Creek Land Trust holds its monthly beef sale on Saturday, March 3. Email [email protected] for information or to order. Limited quantities are available, but we hear that full and half steers will be offered for sale starting in May.

And another to-go meal for Bayside... Arcata Rotary will offer a to-go Tri Tip dinner on Saturday, March 20, with drive-through pick-up at Bayside Presbyterian Church. More details next week, or you can get information or place an order at

As always, send Bayside news or just check in and say hi, by email to [email protected] or call/text to (707) 599-3192.


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