Bayside Corners: Connecting with community

CIDER CREW The Thompson and O’Brien families get a workout as the first users of the new apple press. Carolyn Jones | Bayside Corners

It is strange, but in some ways I feel more connected to my community during this time of social distancing. 

Remember back in May when all of the schools had to cancel graduation ceremonies? 

Balloons and signs cropped up all over the place to honor graduates and it was as if I, just a member of the general public without kids, was invited into their celebration. 

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I began to realize how many families with kids lived right nearby, without my even knowing it! Last Friday, as I walked by Jacoby Creek School, I was interested in the string of wagons and teachers arrayed around the parking lot. 

Upon inquiry, I learned that it is on Fridays that Jacoby Creek students (who are remote learning from home) turn in their week’s assignments, pick up new ones, exchange library books, and even pick up equipment that is needed to aid their learning (one family was picking up a desk). 

As Fall approaches, I’ve been thinking about what winter is going to look like with COVID safety measures and social distancing. 

As cities have relaxed various rules to provide more flexibility for businesses to adapt, many restaurants have set up outside dining options, and it has been a real pleasure to be able to sit outside and enjoy them and to watch other people doing so. 

Again, there is something so communal about seeing everyone, even at a distance, instead of us all being behind walls. What is the likelihood that these will survive into a wet Humboldt winter? 

Even more, will we forget about the pleasure of outside dining when things return to “normal” in a year or two? Is there an opportunity here and are we paying attention?

As for news, Margie Constantino and her crew at Bayside Trio will cook a Filipino dinner on Tuesday, Oct. 6  to kick off Bayside Community Hall’s Come Together (by staying apart) fundraiser which will continue through the month of October with an online auction and more take-away meals. Lots more to come on that.

And the Bayside Apple Press is up and running. This is another one of those things that says community for me. 

It would make no sense for me to have an apple press just for my handful of trees. But if it can be shared with the community, then I get to meet some neighbors, collect a few donations (to benefit Bayside Hall window restoration) and press apples. 

As you can see, it is also good exercise! You can sign up to use the press at


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