Bayside Corners: CAF Thrift Store closing, Bayside Park Farm thriving

This week we take a tour along Old Arcata Road and check out the happenings at some of our unique local businesses...

The Companion Animal Foundation was founded by Kim Class, in 2002, with the goal of reducing the number of animals euthanized in Humboldt County. 

Through public education and spay-neuter assistance, she and her small team work to raise the status of animals. For many years, the Companion Animal Foundation Thrift Store has been an active presence in the Sunny Brae Center. 

Not only could you shop for most anything, until fairly recently you could meet their adorable collection of adoptable felines. But things are changing. 

Those charming cats and kittens, and the occasional dog, moved to Eureka in late 2019 with the opening of a new adoption center, and the Sunny Brae thrift store will close completely this September. 

It’s a sad loss for us, but it does mean everything is on sale, with increasing discounts as closure nears. The foundation’s work goes on. Find more info at

From everything I hear, it’s been a banner year for all kinds of agricultural endeavors. Bayside Park Farm, a community supported Aagriculture program run by the City of Arcata and located at 930 Old Arcata Rd., sold out their 50 farm shares quickly, and almost all of their community garden plots are in use.

Under the leadership of Ben Kaplan-Good, the farm’s three acres of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers are coming into full glory. Wednesday is an open day for volunteering; come by and do some garden work and go home with fresh produce. 

Visits are welcome any time the farm is staffed (pretty much all day Monday through Friday) and you should start seeing their Farm Stand sandwich board on the street when their bounty of produce overflows the CSA boxes. 

Perched on the hill above the Bayside Post Office is Spring Hill Farmstead, where Karin Eide and her crew make amazing artisanal cheese from the milk of her herd of pure-bred La Mancha goats. 

You’ve probably seen Karin’s purple signed booth at the Arcata Farmers Market. Her products are also available at Kneeland Glen Farmstand, just past the Freshwater turnoff on the way to Eureka. 

Many of Spring Hill’s products are named for individual ladies of the herd. This is Juanita, whose signature marinated feta is seasoned with cilantro, onion, rosemary, roasted paprika, cumin, citrus peel and thyme. 

SAY CHEESE The lovely Juanita is a pure-bred La Mancha goat, and one of the herd for Spring Hill Farmstead. Photo by Carolyn Jones

Walkers along Old Arcata Road may see the goats in the field out behind the post office. They are very cheeky!

As I write this, a herd of six deer has just passed through my yard, nibbling at the boysenberries through the fence. 

Those pesky deer have led the Bayside Community Hall to embark on a project to fence their backyard, where a native garden will be planted once it isn’t just a deer salad bar. 

This week, Peter Brant, Bob McPherson and Gordon VanZee cleared and graded the fence line. Amazing how quickly that went with the right heavy machinery!

Jacoby Creek Land Trust will hold its monthly Grass Fed Beef sale this coming Saturday, Aug. 1 from 9 a.m. to noon. And they have received an OK from the county to hold a Social Distancing Picnic at the Kokte Ranch on Aug. 29! An event! Wow! Lots more information to come.

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