Bayside Corners: Archiving our history, brunch (to go) this Sunday

When you start nosing around –like to find information for a column like this – you come across all kinds of groups doing interesting things in hidden corners of our community. 

One example is the Humboldt Area Peoples Archive, a grassroots nonprofit operating on a shoestring budget and based in the Bayside area. 

The archive’s founders seek to gather, preserve, and re-present records of the actions, reactions and effects flowing from 1960s counterculture throughout the Humboldt Bay region. 

They are collecting materials about initiatives, organizations, businesses and individuals who were active in advancing environmental protection and health, freedom, peace and equality, broadcast and publication media, and arts and education. 

The ’60s and ’70s were an incredibly fruitful time for progressive, community-based, grassroots activism in Humboldt, and many of the influential and beloved local organizations we rely upon today had their start in these movements. 

Most operated outside of official corridors of power, and the history of their achievements, and lessons to be learned from their failures, would be lost without an effort of this sort. And a lot of the stuff is really neat and special in our world of all things digital. 

You can learn more about the archive’s collections, and the values and goals that inspire it, at If you were active in 1960s Humboldt and have documents or stories to share, contact archivist Edie Butler at [email protected].

Quarterly pancake breakfasts have long been a staple of community halls across our county, and many of us are missing those during the COVID shutdown. 

Pancakes just don’t work well for take-out, so the Bayside Community Hall is organizing a Brunch (To Go) in Bayside for Sunday, July 26. The cooked-from-scratch menu offers a main choice of vegetarian vegetable-cheese frittata or vegan sun-dried tomato tofu cups, which will be served with four sides (yes you get all four!): home-style potatoes, beans and greens, fresh fruit salad and fresh-baked muffin (including a gluten free option). 

Each meal will be (eco-friendly) packed for pickup in the Hall parking lot between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The cost is a bargain at $10, and all proceeds support the Hall’s participation in COVID-relief efforts. 

This is a great chance to skip the cooking, pick-up a nice meal that should travel well to beach or park, and support the community. For details, or to buy your tickets, visit 

Got some news from greater Bayside you’d like to share? Contact [email protected] or (707) 599-3192.


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