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The Hum ~ 11/2 ~ Both Sides, Now

The Hum ~ 11/2 ~ Both Sides, Now

When I was a young man “dancing up a river in the dark, looking for a woman to court and spark,” I courted a sometimes girlfriend who played guitar. At the time, that meant she knew a fair number of songs from the Joni Mitchell songbook. That’s what women with guitars did back then, they

The Hum ~ 10/26 ~ A Week for the Dead

The holidays are upon us. As we begin our stumble toward the new year, we find one reason or another to celebrate, to forget our troubles and to remember we’re alive. Kicking things off we have Halloween, an Americanized version of All Hallows’ Eve, day one of Allhallowtide, three-days where Christians remember the dead, including

The Hum ~ 10/19 ~ Humboldt?

Humboldt? What does that word mean to you? Humboldt is a place, a county where I’ve lived most of my life, but it’s more than that. It’s become a brand with an ever shifting meaning. As you might guess, this column gets its name from Humboldt. This summer, in between writing the column, I’ve been

The Hum ~ Sat. 10/1 ~ Too Much Stuff

For decades, the first Saturday in October has always been busy for me — too busy. First, there’s Pastels on the Plaza, an explosion of color from artists wielding chalk, circling the square, all for the sake of kids and the Northcoast Children’s Services, fine folks who take care of our preschoolers. My boy went to

The Hum ~ The North Country Fair

There’s something in the air. It happens every year at this time everywhere, fall follows summer. In Arcata, we mark and honor the changing seasons with a festival. We took the name from a line in a Bob Dylan song, “Girl from the North Country.” “If you’re traveling in the north country fair … remember me

The Hum ~ special Arts! Alive edition ~ 9/9

Sept. 9 is the second Friday in the month, which means it’s time for another Arts! Arcata (starting around 6 p.m.) In Arcata, our “Arts!” definitely includes music alongside the more or less trad artsy fare, you know, paintings, pottery, jewelry and occasionally photographs. If you’re looking for music, you’ll find it in the streets where