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The Hum ~ 7/19 ~ Finding the key: Safari Boots

The Hum ~ 7/19 ~ Finding the key: Safari Boots

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing here. I mean that in the grand scope of finding purpose in life, in my work, in getting up in the morning to start another day. It’s something we all face, looking for a key that makes everything make sense. Sometimes you can find that key in a song

The Hum ~ 7/12 ~ What the Folk?

It’s Folklife week, officially or unofficially, when the Humboldt Folklife Society goes full bore with the annual Humboldt Folklife Festival. Was there a proclamation? Probably. You may be wondering, what is this Folklife stuff everyone is always talking about? Ten years ago I tried answering that question. (Forgive me if I repeat myself.) The easiest

The Hum ~ 5/31 ~ Lonely Hearts

“Hello, hello, I like your smile. Hello, hello, shall we talk awhile? Would you like some of my tangerine? I know I’ll never treat you mean.” ~ from “Hello, Hello” by Sopwith Camel Fifty years ago, when the short-lived one-hit-wonders called Sopwith Camel had a hit on the radio, I would hang around downtown Walnut

The Hum ~ 5/24 ~ Krazy Time

It’s krazy time in Humboldt this weekend. You’re probably too young to remember, but Krazy Kat was a wild and krazy comic strip from long ago noted for a “mixture of offbeat surrealism, innocent playfulness and poetic, idiosyncratic language,” (as Wikipedia describes it). Saturday at noon (Memorial Day weekend) things get really krazy on the Arcata

The Hum ~ 5/10 ~ Mothers etc.

Back in my restaurant days, I had to be prepared for Mother’s Day. Moms get the day off, at least theoretically, and everyone goes out to Sunday brunch and/or dinner. It’s good for business—in fact, typically the busiest day of the year. Another big day is when kids graduate from college and parents come to