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The Hum ~ Out of Print ~ 9/28-10/3

The Hum ~ Out of Print ~ 9/28-10/3

Well, I took this weekend off at least in the Union, so there’s no Hum in print. Did anyone notice aside from my editor Lauraine? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, I still got emails and message asking if I would help drum up interest in one show or another, which makes me wonder once again, does

The Hum ~ The Same Old Same Old?

The seasons are changing. This long, hot summer won’t be over officially until next Friday (Sept. 22, @ 1:02 p.m.) but cruel winds have already “hit heavy on the borderline,” and recently between fires and floods and guns on the Plaza, things seem out of control. How can we put things right? How about with music,

The Hum ~ A labor of love ~ 8/30

Labor Day weekend is coming up. That used to mean the end of summer vacation and something about rich people wearing white, but those are archaic traditions. We have new traditions to replace them. Established as a holiday to honor trade unions and the “workers,” now it’s just another extended weekend. We’ll still set up

The Hum ~ Be here now ~ 8/16

“Life is such a great adventure. Learn to live it as you go. No one in the world can censure what we do here below. Don’t save your kisses, just pass them around. You’ll find my reason is logic’lly sound: Who’s going to know that you passed them around a hundred years from today.” ~ from