At the Market: It’s a farmers’ market every day at Farmstand

MAKING A NEST Kathy Mullen at Kneeland Glen Farmstand. Janine Volkmar | Union

Kathy Mullen has got the vibe. Her beauty spot on Myrtle Avenue has all the fun and joy of a farmers' market every day. She's been a familiar face at the Arcata Farmers' Market for years and years and she created her Kneeland Glen Farmstand five years ago to continue that positive experience.

"I wanted to be a nest. I wanted to make it a place for people to be able to sell their wares. Lots of new businesses don't know how to start and I can help them," she said. "I think they are going to leave me behind but they don't."

The Farmstand is packed with items from start-ups that have become successful. She's got baked products, bath salts, granola, eggs, mustard, ghee, goat cheese, vinegar, jams and pies, and artists' cards.

She's got flour from home grown wheat  from the Hindley Ranch in Honeydew and tuna from the F.V. Roma at Woodley Island.  The farmstand is surrounded by raised beds where the vegetables are picked fresh daily and folks can pick their own bouquets and bunches of culinary herbs. "Chefs come to pick. That makes me very happy," she said.

Mullen even has a lending library of books for her regulars.

Mullen makes her own soaps and lotions and laundry soap too.

She does the Saturday market and will be at the new Friday night markets in Old Town. "I used to do them all. The only one I haven't done is Garberville."

Folks who make things have cottage food permits to sell their wares. Mullen doesn't take a cut on any of the co-op items she sells. "That's how Granny got her start," she said. Granny Be Jammin pies are a big seller at the stand.

Mullen also sells her delightful children's book, "Little Red: The Farmstand Rooster." The illustrations were done by students at Garfield Elementary and the book is now in its second printing.

So if you are jonesing for fresh veggies or just the feel of being at the market when it's not a day for it, drop by the Kneeland Glen Farmstand, just past Three Corners on Myrtle Avenue. It's open everyday from noon until 6 p.m. The sign says it all, "Where Community Comes First."




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