At the Market: Buen Vivir means good living

Laura Guarnieri at the Farmers' Market. Janine Volkmar | Union

Laura Guarnieri, a transplant from Argentina to Redway, brings her special brand of good living to the Farmers’ Market in Arcata every week. She was new to the market last month and her booth is a glowing beacon of green, all shades of vibrant green. Guarnieri is an advocate of microgreens.

“Microgreens are a way to have a good living, to eat healthy,” she explained.

One sign in her booth reads, “Responsibly grown in Redway.” And the greens are. Guarnieri uses organic soil, no pesticides, only non-GMO seeds, and compostable pots. “In the very beginning we used plastic pots but I did a search and found these. People love them,” she said. And folks can return the trays to her every week.

Another sign reads “Richest Food on Earth.” Guarnieri explained that in South America Buen Vivir is also a movement, as well as the name of her business. “It’s about environment and community,” she said.

Her microgreens can be found at the Garberville, Fortuna, and Eureka markets, in restaurants, and at Chataqua Natural Foods in Garberville.

She is always trying new varieties, producing and experimenting with the different stages of growing the microgreens.

“They are so nutritious and tasty,” she said.

Customers in Arcata were buying the rainbow mix, the radish greens, and the arugula, all of which glowed, even in the shade of her canopy.

“Sometimes I grow herbs, basil and parsley, and sometimes broccolini,” Guarnieri said. She also grows microgreens from pea and sunflower seeds.

“I like to try new flavors,” she said.

It’s always exciting to have new vendors join the market. Buen Vivir, Laura, and welcome! Your booth is perfectly named.



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