At Least It Didn’t Go In The Slough


Union Staff Report

ARCATA BOTTOM – At around 3:35 p.m. Friday, March 7, these two males were seen dragging what appears to be an old couch and chairs out onto Danco Group-owned property off Foster Avenue on the Arcata Bottom.

Maybe they had permission to leave furniture at the site of what Danco once hoped would be the Creek Side Homes subdivision. Or maybe not.

For information about how to responsibly dispose of household items, call Humboldt Waste Management Authority  at  (707) 268-8680 or Arcata's Environmental Services department at (707) 822-8184.


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  1. Red_Geologist said:

    You didn’t show a readable license plate number on the trashers truck! What are you the Trash River Union?

  2. MOLA:42 said:

    I wonder if Fortuna does something like that. I’ve been meaning to get rid of a couch my dogs are rather fond of (and therefore not fit for human use).

  3. Ian Ray said:

    Ah, that’s good. I wasn’t aware Eureka was doing that.

  4. Fred Mangels said:

    In Eureka I believe you get two free pickups of large items per year as part of the deal for the city forcing garbage service on everybody.

    I’ve gotten rid of an old dishwasher and mattress that way. You just call them up and schedule a pick up day. Set it out on the sidewalk and they come get it.

  5. Ian Ray said:

    There is no large item pickup day that I know of. I visited Monterey a while ago and they had a large item pickup day where people emptied all their junk onto the curb and didn’t park on the street. Predictably, I watched all the fixable parts of that junk get picked up by people in old pickup trucks before the garbage collectors arrived.

    Locally, I believe the proper method is to go to the dump and pay by weight + $5 per couch bulk item surchage. Dumping that pile would probably cost $25. These folks were apparently willing to risk a huge fine to save $25 as too many people are.

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