Area teachers set forth standards for reopening schools

Teachers are working hard this summer to ensure our Students and Schools will be safe as we reopen this Fall.
We expect our communities to treat our students as the priority that they are to us. We want to come to work knowing that we are doing everything we possibly can to make sure our kids don't get sick at school and won't take infection home to their families. And we need the resources and staff to make that happen, including classroom aides, school nurses, and more.
Humboldt County & Del Norte County school districts employ only 5 school nurses for a student population of more than 22,000 students. That's 1 nurse for every 4,500 students. Source:,HUMBOLDT
Nurses should have a ratio of 750 students per nurse, which means we are missing 24 school nurses. How is our community supporting safe schools?
"We need school nurses for safe schools." said Inma Thompson, a Spanish teacher at Fortuna High School.
We need our communities to provide students with the supports and protective equipment necessary for effective education. We have to address ventilation, hand washing, sanitation, distancing, play breaks, nutrition and special education.
Safe schools are a must.
"We need classrooms that have working windows and faucets, and an air system that isn't just recirculating unfiltered air between all the classrooms in the building." - Jenn Fowler, Special Day Teacher at Eureka High School.
"I'm not willing to risk the lives of my kids", said Paige Thompson, Fifth Grade Teacher at Mary Peacock School in Crescent City.
"I miss welcoming my students to school with a smile and a hug. But I realize the importance of keeping students and staff safe by using science to guide the decision making process to reopen schools." - Jackie Hauger, Kindergarten Teacher at Dow's Prairie Elementary School in Mckinleyville.
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Humboldt and Del Norte Students Deserve Healthy Safe Schools Open Letter by Mad River Union on Scribd