Arcata smoking ban may go city wide

Mad River Union

ARCATA – The Arcata City Council will revisit its smoking ban at its meeting tonight, March 4, and will consider expanding it to the entire city, with a “passing through” provision that allows smokers to keep on puffin’ as long as they keep on walkin’. The council meets at 6 p.m. at the Council Chamber, 736 F St. in Arcata.

The revised ordinance, if approved, would apply to all of the city’s streets and city-owned properties.

The “pass through” idea would, according to city staff, prevent smokers from congretating in one area. It would not apply to the outer perimeter of the Arcata Plaza or the Intermodal Transit Facility, which would be off limits to smokers, even those in transit.

However, smokers could traverse other parts of the city puffing away as long as they keep on moving.


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  1. WhoAreThesePeople? said:

    So… a really, really bad plan is better than no plan at all? Unlike your city council- and your publication, I can admit that I don’t know what to do about it.
    Sending Arcata’s city “planners” back to rehab would be a start, though.

  2. Kevin Hoover said:

    Fair enough.
    What thinking, full-ass approach do you recommend for doing “something” about the 10,000 or so vehicles that cruise around town all day?
    Please, share.

  3. WhoAreThesePeople? said:

    If you really want to reduce “Toxic Air Contaminants”, maybe something should be done about the 10,000 or so vehicles that cruise around town all day. The traffic in Arcata looks the same as it does in LA. Smells the same, too.

    Arcata sure has an unthinking, half-ass approach to “solving” the “problems” that they themselves create.

  4. Tom Sokolowski said:

    Arcata is nothing like Nazi Germany. Check out your history books, Nazi Germany murdered millions of people; how is that like Arcata?
    “Who gives a fuck if you smoke. Just don’t blow a cloud of it in my direction” is a pleasant enough sentiment, but not practical in the real world. Secondhand smoke is both the smoke from the burning end, and the smoke that’s exhaled. It can stay in the air long after a cigarette’s out and can be easily inhaled by nonsmokers. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects which can cause asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and chronic lung problems. Why would you want that?

  5. Tom Sokolowski said:

    This is pretty good, but it’s hard to tell the difference between a smoker walking and just standing there; a smoker standing around sees a cop, and then starts walking. Secondhand smoke kills tens of thousands of Americans every year and causes serious life-threatening illnesses to thousands more. In 2006, the California Air Resources Board classified secondhand smoke as a “Toxic Air Contaminant” in the same category as asbestos, cyanide and arsenic – all of which can lead to serious illness and death. I’m glad something is being done though.

  6. Macktown Dad said:

    Wow. Arcata is worse than Nazi Germany. Who gives a fuck if you smoke. Just don’t blow a cloud of it in my direction.

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