Arcata man’s nighttime freeway meander meets electrifying conclusion

CHP Press Release

U.S. HIGHWAY 101 – On Tuesday, July 15, an impaired pedestrian attempting to cross US Highway 101 directly into heavy traffic was ultimately apprehended by CHP officers following an Electronic Control Device, or Taser, deployment.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., two CHP officers assisting with traffic control for the Safety Corridor resurfacing project observed a male subject, later identified as 24-year-old Cory Adam Owsley of Arcata, walking northbound along the southbound shoulder of US-101 between Eureka and Indianola Cutoff.

Cory Adam Owsley

Cory Adam Owsley

US-101 Northbound at this location was reduced to one lane of traffic for highway maintenance work, resulting in increased traffic congestion.

The officers observed Owsley attempting to cross the highway at this location, which was unfit for pedestrian crossing due to the construction zone, evening hours, and heavy traffic congestion.

A CHP officer met up with Owsley on the west shoulder of the southbound lanes and advised him not to cross. Owsley emitted the odor of alcohol and appeared extremely impaired.

Owsley disregarded the officer’s advisement and continued to cross the highway.

After he continuously disregarded the officer’s commands to stop, the officer was compelled to deploy his Electronic Control Device to stop Owsley as he attempted to walk directly into heavy northbound traffic.

Additional CHP units were called to the scene to gain control of Owsley as he displayed extremely combative behavior. The CHP officers were ultimately able to restrain and apprehend Owsley. Although he did not sustain any injuries, he was transported by ground ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka for medical evaluation, as is protocol following an Electronic Control Device deployment and extreme intoxication.

Owsley was then booked into the Humboldt County Jail for being publicly intoxicated under the influence of alcohol and drugs, possession of a controlled substance, delaying, obstructing, resisting a peace officer, and a violation of probation terms.

It was further discovered that the Owsley had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. There were no injuries sustained to Owsley or the officers as a result of this incident.

The Electronic Control Device continues to be an effective apprehension method that reduces injuries to the suspect as well as the public while giving officers the ability to apprehend subjects that would otherwise cause harm to themselves or others.


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    This is not his FIRST brush with the law. Perhaps the officer should have let him crossed. And filmed it. So we could watch. On Youtube.

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