Arcata incumbents hold seats; rent control OK’d

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Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Arcata City Council incumbents were re-elected, mobile home park rent control was passed and school bonds were approved in Tuesday’s election.

But all these down ballot choices were overshadowed by the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

While nationally Trump clinched enough electoral votes to defeat Hillary Clinton, in Humboldt County the Republican didn’t fair so well. Clinton received nearly twice as many votes in Humboldt as Trump did. Clinton received 9,596 votes, or 56.41 percent, compared to Trump, who received 10,883 votes, or 31.33 percent.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein received 1,800 votes, or 5.18 percent, in Humboldt, while Libertarian Gary Johnson got 1,167 votes, or 3.36 percent.

Trump will assume the presidency on Jan. 20.

Arcata City Council

The three incumbents running for the Arcata City Council were victorious Tuesday, easily defeating the two challengers.

Susan Ornelas was the top vote getter, with 2,768 votes, or 28,38 percent, followed by Michael Winkler with 2,491 votes, or 25.54 percent, and Paul Pitino, with 2,293 votes, or 23.51 percent.

Challenger Valerie Rose-Campbell received 1,130 votes, or 11.58 percent, and Daniel Murphy received 961 votes, or 9.85 percent.

Rent control

At the very end of a lengthy ballot, which included two sheets of paper with items on both sides, was Measure V, which will enact rent control in mobile home parks located in unincorporated Humboldt County.

Despite massive spending from mobile home park owners opposed to the ordinance, Measure V passed with 17,766 votes, or 54.84 percent.

Road tax shot down

Measure U, which would have raised the sales tax by half a penny to help pay for road maintenance and transportation projects, was shot down, with 16,907 votes, or 52.39 percent, in opposition. The tax would have raised about $200 million over 20 years to pay for road maintenance, transportation projects and to plug the deficit at the county’s main airport.

Marijuana tax

Measure S, which will tax marijuana grows, won by a landslide, receiving 21,911 votes, or 66.05 percent.

School taxes

Both Arcata School District tax measures passed overwhelmingly. Measure H, the parcel tax, passed with 2,798 votes, or 78.55 percent. Measure I, the school bond, passed with 2,597 percent, or 73.99 percent.

The Jacoby Creek School Bond Measure K was passed with 615 votes, or 58.91 percent.


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