Arcata High School Coach Arrested on Molestation Charges – March 5, 2010

Updated to include HSU press release. – Ed.

ARCATA – On Thursday, March 4, 2010 26-year-old Timothy Ryan Dossey of Arcata, was arrested by the Arcata Police. Dossey was booked at the Humboldt County Jail on charges of Child Molestation and Sending Harmful Matter to Seduce a Minor.

According to an Arcata Police Department press release, Dossey was arrested after local school officials learned of the allegations and notified police. It is alleged that Dossey, an AHS Junior Varsity girls' basketball coach, developed an inappropriate relationship with a female student.

Interim Police Chief Tom Chapman said investigators discovered inappropriate communications sent from Dossey to the alleged victim. "We didn't locate any nude images, but there were text messages and e-mails that were way out of line and clearly inappropriate," he said. Chapman said the girl just turned age 15.

The Arcata Police Department is continuing its investigation.

Late Friday afternoon, Humboldt State University issued a press release:

Arcata - The Arcata Police Department informed campus officials at mid-afternoon Friday, March 5, that it had arrested Timothy Ryan Dossey, a student at Humboldt State University.

Dossey, age 26 of Arcata, was booked on charges of child molestation and sending harmful matter to seduce a minor. He had allegedly developed an inappropriate relationship with a female student while working as an assistant basketball coach.

Dossey is a senior at HSU and is majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education. His employment at the high school as an assistant basketball coach is not connected with his HSU academic program.

In addition to criminal charges, Dossey faces the possibility of student disciplinary action at HSU.


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  1. shoom said:

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if he was going through “hard times” or it was “a huge mistake” child molestation is not ok. I have been around Tim enough with the basketball program to know that he isn’t dumb and he knew what he was doing and getting his little perverted hands on this whole time. It now sucks that he let something like that, which is so hurtful to that poor girl and her family, ruin literally the rest of his life. How did he go to bed at night knowing that he was sending inappropriate texts to a girl who is still in high school, yet alone just turned 15. gross, and we need people like this off of our streets and away from our athletes.

  2. Angela Goodin Johnson said:

    The “Mold” is unfortunately someone who likes children….who will talk to them…seem to listen and care for them. When I read, “How can he throw his life way?” I thought what life? On one level his life is lonely and he does not see his behavior as wrong and if he does he does not have the impulse control or tools to make good decisions. I grew up with a child molester and put him in jail when I was nine years old. He came out two years later saying he said everything they wanted him to say about how he was better. That was back in 1979. I hope that Tim finds and can really use the help he needs to be an adult. I hope he learns that his actions were wrong but he is not a person unworthy of life or else he will just continue to do inappropriate things. He could really make a difference now in his life and others at this point after he suffers the consequences of his actions. The man that molested me continued to molest all of my cousins and is still alive molesting. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  3. kevpod said:

    Just remember that he hasn’t been convicted of anything. We have a process for ascertaining guilt/innocence; it’s just getting started.

    We all know that molestation is one of the worst possible wrongs. Does anyone have any insight as to why nominally educated people would throw their lives away for something they know is utterly contrary to morality?

  4. b oohoo said:

    What the f*** does him being from here or going through ‘stuff’ or his facebook picture have to do with anything? The guy is a pervert; a danger to children. It doesn’t matter who is parents are or where he went to high school. He deserves to be castrated. The schools around here need to do something differently, as this is the third time in two years a pervert has been hired. SBMS and Jacoby Creek both hired pervs, too. Child molestation is much more than a big mistake. This community can be so ridiculous- the result of everyone being on the take in an environment run on lies and secrets.

  5. Anon said:

    This is very unfortunate. I know Tim, and would not expect this from him. He certainly doesn’t fit the mold that stereotypes would suggest, please know this. But he definitely made a huge mistake. And this picture doesn’t do him justice. He must have been going through some serious stuff.

  6. tiger said:

    Even more disappointing is the fact that Tim is not simply a “school boy” who made very foolish and harmful decisions, but that he is a long-time member of this community and an Arcata High School graduate himself. Shame on you Tim.

  7. Dan Hughes said:

    Shame Shame everyone no’s your name now Timmy.

    Might I remind you young lady’s of 15 years of age are not prepared to deal with raisng children.

    Even though women of 15 are biologically capable of bearing children. raising physically,emotionally healthy children requires a lot of time energy and money. The rigors of raising children and copping with society that is as complicated as the one here in the U.S.A. Requires a lot more education and maturity than a young lady of 15 posseses.

    And “school boy’s” like Tim here will leave a young lady when he gets bored and dump her on her Mom and Dad or the welfare system. Leaving the young lady with his bastard children that she can not provide for. Especially in an economically depressed area of the U.S.A as the Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendacino Ca. area is.

    Some people just do not think. I am a patient man but this I have NO patience for.

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