Arcata gets $400K for homeless housing and health

City of Arcata press release


Arcata, CA, April 19, 2018 – The City of Arcata is excited to announce that the County of Humboldt has recently awarded the City with $400,000 in Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) funding.

The funding awarded will be used to purchase and install five new one-bedroom modular homes in the Arcata Mobilehome Park. These homes will be used as permanent, supportive housing for community members in need of housing.

This project is the result of the Arcata Homelessness Services Working Group collaboration between the City of Arcata, Humboldt County, Open Door Community Health Centers, Arcata House Partnership and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

This working group was created to better meet the needs of community members without access to services and reduce the impact of houselessness in the community.

“On behalf of the Arcata Homelessness Services Working Group, we couldn’t be more excited about receiving HEAP funding to complete this critical housing project. Our collaborative efforts are seeing results — we’re securing funds and delivering more services to those experiencing homelessness in Arcata. There’s always more work to be done, and I’m grateful to our community partners who are helping us to provide essential services and housing opportunities in our community,” said Arcata City Council Member Sofia Pereira of the funding award.

In addition, working group collaborators have developed innovative ways to bring a range of services and care to those in Arcata without access to services, particularly those without housing.

The work of this group has resulted in establishing mobile medical care in Arcata though Open Door’s Mobile Medical Services team. The Open Door team is now offering its mobile services every Thursday at the Arcata House Partnership Annex, located at 501 Ninth St. in Arcata.

DHHS’s Mobile Intervention Services Team (MIST) has now expanded its partnership to include theArcata Police Department. MIST partners clinical staff from County Mental Health with law enforcement to help identify and engage houseless members of the community with serious mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. The goals for MIST participants are to receive mental health and/or substance abuse disorder treatment and to obtain and retain stable housing.

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