Arcata Fire’s directors serve their five divisions

Rene Campbell
Arcata Fire Board President

The third Tuesday evening of every month you will find five people with differing backgrounds and experience serving on the Arcata Fire District Board.

In conjunction with Fire Chief, they look at budget items, emergency equipment needs, and ways of educating the public around emergencies.

The District was initially formed in the 1940s to address fire responses outside of the Arcata city limits.

Today, the boundaries include all of the City of Arcata, McKinleyville north to Clam Beach, Manila, up Fickle Hill, Bayside, and south to Indianola Cutoff.

The District is broken into five Divisions, each with a board member elected by the people of that Division. Board members receive no pay for their service and serve in four year terms.

The members are:

Division 1; Hiller Road to Clam Beach (McKinleyville) – Rene Campbell, serves as President, serving since Feb. 22, 2017.

Rene and her husband moved to McKinleyville in 2000, where they raised two sons. Rene currently works in the business office of a local school district; prior to this position she worked in banking for 25 years.

Division 2; North Bank Road to Hiller (McKinleyville) – Nicole Johnson, member, serving since June 19, 2018.

Nicole has 16 years of banking experience. Nicole and her husband have one daughter. She comes from a family with several firefighters serving in California and Nevada and her service here makes them very proud.

Division 3; Arcata Bottom to Warren Creek (Arcata) – Randy Mendosa – Vice President, serving since May 16, 2017.

Randy has been a resident of Arcata since 1978. Randy and his wife have two daughters. He has worked in various positions, such as Chief of Police and City Manager for the City of Arcata from 1978 until 2014.

Division 4; Greater Downtown Arcata area (Arcata) – Elena David, member, serving since Jan. 8, 2004.

Elena started her career in banking in 1961 at Bank of America, and retired in 2004. Elena is involved as a volunteer with the Arcata Police Department and Soroptimist International. Elena has two grown children, three granddaughters and two great grandsons.

Division 5; Manila, Fickle Hill and Bayside (Arcata) – David Rosen, member, serving since June 19, 2018.

David’s professional background is financial management of non-profit organizations involved in social and government services. David and his wife have three grown children.

Responses in October

• Arcata: 159

• McKinleyville: 102

• Manila: 3

• HSU: 9

• Bayside: 9

• Out of District: 11


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