Arcata crime now online

A Citizen RIMS screenshot showing incidents in Arcata.

Mad River Union

ARCATA – Those wishing to keep close watch on Arcata crime can now do so in near-real time in the comfort of their web browser. With a $6,340 purchase of a module called Citizen RIMS, the Arcata Police Department has put its crimefighting activity online.

The website,, includes a range of reports and data visualizations that can tell you everything from what’s going on in your neighborhood and all around town via a clickable map, with incidents broken down by type – alcohol, assaults, burglaries, drugs, rapes and more.  There are tabs for missing persons, vehicle thefts, arrests with booking mug shots, crime charts and Arcata Police’s daily bulletin.

Another feature allows you to subscribe to daily email summaries of selected data sets from crimes to calls for service.

Police Chief Tom Chapman says the new service is still a little glitchy, but it appears generally stable and useable.

According to the web page for Sun Ridge Systems, the program’s creator, “publishing such information is good public relations for a government agency and also has the benefit of saving personnel time by reducing the number of requests for information they must handle.”

Citizen RIM has a few other features not implemented by Arcata Police. “In custody” would provide information on Humboldt County Correctional Facility occupants, though that facility isn’t operated by Arcata Police. Other nonenabled features include “Most Wanted” and “Warrants” tabs.

Chapman unveiled the new online service at City Hall during last week’s meeting of the Public Safety Task Force.




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