Arcata Council candidate Collin Yeo for security, progress

Collin Yeo.

Collin Yeo Campaign            

I grew up in this community. As a child I attended Bloomfield Elementary, Sunny Brae Middle School, and Arcata High. As an adult I lived in New Orleans for nearly a decade and witnessed firsthand the human, cultural, and economic devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 

When I moved back here several years ago I never dreamed that Arcata could face some of the same problems that post-Katrina New Orleans did, but we are living in interesting times. 

With the unique catastrophe of COVID-19 and its economic fallout looming directly in front of us, as well as the coming complications from global climate change threatening the familiar landscape of our lives and community, I believe that now is the time to elect leaders who are truly of the people and who will work for the people’s interests. 

I love this town, and I don’t want to see anyone displaced by economic or environmental changes.

If elected, I promise to fight to keep our town special and our citizens safe from the effects of “disaster capitalism,” to fight for those who are on the margins of society, the working poor and the financially precarious. 

I want to pursue ways to protect our infrastructure against rising ocean levels, to help our most vulnerable citizens against the effects of austerity and recession, and to beautify and improve our wonderful town and its many public spaces. Arcata wouldn’t be the jewel that it is without its citizens and I want to be a part of improving the quality of life for everyone here.

My time as a culture writer has allowed me to experience many of the people and events in our town that makes this community so special. 

Much like New Orleans, Arcata is a one of a kind place. I don’t want to see that washed away by the displacement of our citizens and working class from a tsunami of vacation rentals and getaway homes, as happened in New Orleans post-Katrina. 

I want to pursue more progressive policies like our first time homeowner program for low-income citizens. I want to see more inexpensive housing built, rent control and a tenants rights union for people facing eviction, and an expansion of services for those on the margins of society. 

Ultimately many of the problems that face us (systemic poverty and homelessness, a lack of resources for those with addiction or mental health issues, and the existential threat of climate change) are “top down” problems, stemming from living in an unjust society built by a greedy ruling class at the federal level. 

However, Arcata has always led the country in progressive local policies. And we should continue to do so into the 21st century. 

A year ago our Governor signed into law the Public Banking Act (AB 857) which establishes the right for cities and counties to create their own public banks, which would serve the people by allowing public agencies access to low interest loans in a system that isn’t mandated by corporate profit. Properly utilized, local public banking  could be a massive positive step in the pursuit of affordable housing here, a concern among nearly everyone who I have spoken to while campaigning. 

In the next few years we will be facing an economic crisis resulting from this current pandemic. When that translates to budget cuts, I don’t want to see those cuts land on the backs of the people with the fewest resources. I don’t want to see those cuts hurt necessary measures like upgrading our city’s infrastructure against the effects of climate change. 

I want to make sure that any industry which does business in our community does so while providing a dignified and living wage for its workers. We must fight for a kinder future and a city that is welcoming to everyone, one which recognizes the sometimes horrifying darkness of its history and the echoes which still resonate today. 

The violence of exploitation and racism have etched their markings in the signposts of our past but they must not be allowed any room to do so into our future. If elected, I promise to do everything I can to help the people of Arcata for today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.



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