APD warns: Don’t get Grinched by delivery thieves

Arcata Police Department

ARCATA – Did you know that there is a real life Grinch? Right now there are Grinches trying to steal Christmas from the good folks of Arcata.

The Grinch, following delivery trucks to steal packages off your porch.

Recently, UPS and FedEx drivers report being followed by ne’er-do-wells watching for unsupervised packages left on door steps.

Be alert, citizens of Whoville, and make sure you are having your packages delivered to safe locations.

Protect yourself by trying the following:

1. Have them delivered to your work. Your boss won’t mind you getting the spoils from your Amazon Prime addiction being delivered to work (maybe check first).

2. Check in with that retired neighbor that seems to always be looking out their window at your front porch. Maybe they can bring your package inside for you until you get home.

3. Get a remote monitoring device. Come on, who doesn’t want to scream at people on their porch remotely?

4. Lastly, make sure you sign for your packages. This is probably the delivery guys’ least favorite option, but Christmas is at stake.


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