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Annual Business Leadership Awards dinner set for Feb. 24 at Arcata Community Center

DYNAMIC DUO Future generations may look back on the reign of Joellen Clark-Peterson and Molly Steele at today’s questing Arcata Chamber of Commerce as the venerable institution’s Golden Age. Submitted photo

Joellen Clark-Peterson
Arcata Chamber of Commerce

ARCATA – Arcata’s personality is defined by its number of colorful, local businesses. From grocery stores to the movies, restaurants and manufacturers, Arcata businesses are dedicated to the community and making sure it thrives.

It’s not easy being geographically isolated, and now that we’re feeling the stress of our cannabis economy in flux, strong relationships are more important than ever to ensure strong business.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, the local business community will celebrate its hard work and relationships at the Annual Business Leadership Awards event at the Arcata Community Center, where the winners will be announced and receive special honor.

This event is also noteworthy because it sees more Arcata businesses in one room at one time than at any other time of the year.

A member-driven process elicited 18 nominees in six award categories and the members have determined the winners as well.

The Arcata Chamber promoted the nominees through Facebook Live videos which garnered over 13,000 plays in addition to tremendous positive feedback on Instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more about these businesses, follow the Arcata Chamber’s social media or sign up for our weekly e-letter!

Nonprofit of the Year: Dell’Arte International, Food for People, Friends of the Dunes

New Chamber Member of the Year: WoodLab Designs, Frankie’s NY Bagels, Arcata Veterans Hall

Hospitality & Tourism of the Year: Abruzzi Ristorante, Arcata Stay Lodging Network, Happy Camper Redwood Tours

Green Business of the Year: Humboldt Green, Los Bagels, SCRAP Humboldt

Beautification of the Year: Alex Stillman, Arcata Playhouse, McCullough Construction

Small Business of the Year: Alchemy Distillery, Arcata Scoop, SALT Fish House

Business Leader of the Year and the City’s Business of the Year are selected by committee and will also be announced at the event.

The Arcata Chamber is a reflection of its 400 members. This past year we worked hard listening to member’s needs and addressing them through professional development workshops, labor law poster support, Plaza business surveying and countless consultations addressing individual business aims.

In essence, we serve as a catalyst for local business to innovate, collaborate, share knowledge, grow and succeed.

Hats off to our membership for supporting the local business community by way of supporting this organization.

There are many ways to get involved with this event. Tickets are on sale now and we are currently accepting donations for the silent/dutch auctions; there is also a creative advertising opportunity by decorating a table.

Please visit arcatachamber.com or contact us at (707) 822-3619 to learn more.


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