An HSU student’s fresh perspective on Humboldt’s unique opportunities

HSU student Lauren Murphy. Arcata Chamber photo

Arcata Chamber of Commerce

ARCATA – Arcata Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joellen Clark-Peterson recently interviewed Humboldt State University student Lauren Murphy from Pacific Grove, a biology student with an emphasis on ecology and biodiversity. 

Why did you choose HSU?

I was applying to schools for a biology degree. I only visited schools after I was accepted into them. Of the schools I visited, I was most impressed by HSU’s biology facilities and resources such as the greenhouse and vertebrate museum. I also thought that the surrounding area was beautiful and would be a lot of fun to explore. 

What do you like about living here?

I appreciate the community atmosphere of Arcata and Humboldt. There are many fun community events to attend to throughout the year, and monthly/weekly gatherings like arts alive and the Farmers Market. I’m also inspired by the passion people have here for environmental and social issues. Working at the Arcata Chamber, I’ve also learned about how businesses in this area work together to uplift each other to promote the success of the city of Arcata.

What do you think this region could do better?

There are many good ideas generated in this region that can be better promoted to other areas. Perhaps we can work with other cities and exchange ideas, as well as promote our own area through increased advertising. 

What is your dream for after HSU?

A dream I have for after college is to continue to better embody my own beliefs and values through action and to find a way I can best utilize my talents to help others and the world at large. Also, to have a tiny, clean house of my own someday with lots of flowers for the bugs and birds. 


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