An action-packed McK CSD meeting tonight

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

McKINLEYVILLE – An off-stream salmon habitat project, a BMX track and  a giant solar array will be among the projects discussed tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 2 by the McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. with a closed session. The board will discuss potential litigation with claimant Phil Lazzar and will evaluate the performance of new MCSD Manager Patrick Kaspari.

The board will convene in open session at 7 p.m. The meeting will take place via Zoom. The Zoom ID is 675 633 6928. There is no password. Another option is to call 1 (888) 788-0099.

Pialorsi Dairy

This summer the MCSD purchased the 84-acre Pialorsi Dairy, located at the south end of Anderson Avenue and northeast of the Hammond Trail Bridge. 

As part of the purchase agreement, the district conducted a contamination inspection, and discovered that a pump in the milking shed had leaked oil, resulting in a small amount of contamination of cement and adjacent soil.

The district solicited bids to remove the cement and soil. The lowest bid came from U.S. Ecology for $54,405.

District staff is recommending that the bid be awarded to U.S. Ecology and the board will vote on it at tonight’s meeting. The district plans to use the former dairy as a reclamation site for disposing of treated wastewater, which will be used to grow hay.

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Salmon ponds

The board is scheduled to vote on a mitigated negative declaration of environmental impact for what’s called the Mad River Floodplain and Public Access Enhancement Project.

The district wants to convert its percolation ponds located adjacent to the Mad River, into fish habitat. The district had originally planned to decommission that ponds, but learned years ago that there is grant money to convert them into off-stream fish habitat.

As part of the project, a small parking lot may be built near School Road and Ocean Drive. A trail would extend down to the ponds and there would be an area to launch kayaks into the Mad River.

A small channel would connect the ponds to the river, allowing juvenile fish to seek refuge and get fattened up before returning to the river.

BMX track

Jason and Wendi Orlandi are scheduled to give a presentation on a proposed BMX track that may be built on undeveloped district property at School Road and Washington Avenue.

The project would be built by volunteers and would cost about $104,000. The board will hear the presentation  and may ask questions, but no action is scheduled to be taken.

Solar array

The least expensive location to place a giant solar array at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at Hiller Park is what’s called the Dog Park. However, given the popularity of the Dog Park, MCSD Manager Kaspari is recommending that the solar array be placed atop a decommissioned pond inside the sewer plant.

In a staff report, Kaspari acknowledges that placing the array in the Dog Park would likely face extensive opposition. 

Kaspari is recommending that the board located the solar panels in the pond, even though it may cost $407,000 more than locating it at the Dog Park.




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