AFD, Humboldt Fire to share Fire Chief, Prevention Officer

(The following was submitted by the Arcata Fire Protection District and Humboldt Bay Fire.)

The Arcata Fire Protection District board has voted to pursue a Shared Services Contract with Humboldt Bay Fire for a Fire Chief and a Prevention Officer.

This follows a recently executed contract to share an Interim Battallion Chief for Operations.

During its search for a new Chief for the District, following the retirement of Chief John McFarland in December 2012, the Arcata Fire District Board recognized the cost savings to district taxpayers and improvements to service that are possible by sharing a Fire Chief and Prevention Officer with Humboldt Bay Fire.

The Arcata Fire Protection District and Humboldt Bay Fire work closely together in responding to incidents through a mutual aid agreement in conducting joint training exercises. These successful collaborations have led both groups to find other ways to work together to strengthen both organizations by streamlining operations, reducing costs and improving performance.

Interim Fire Chief for the Arcata Fire Protection District Justin McDonald explains that “sharing services is the best option for the residents in the District and our organization as it allows us to expand service and save money. By coordinating our efforts with Humboldt Bay Fire, our region will be safer and more prepared for emergency response of all types.”

Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Ken Woods and members of his organization have joined a recently formed working group that is developing a Shared Services Contract with Arcata Fire Protection District.  Sharing a Fire Chief and a Prevention officer will enable both organizations to continue to meet their organizational objectives while ensuring their long-term viability.

The Shared Services Working Group will develop a process for implementation with the goal of having a shared Chief and Prevention Officer in place by September 2013.

According to Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Ken Woods, “Shared services must be beneficial to all of the parties involved. Each of our agencies brings to the table its own separate resources and assets and working to combine these over time will increase efficiency and effectiveness while reducing redundancy and duplication. It’s really a great opportunity to build on the relationship we already have to provide a higher level of service to our citizens than ever before.”

About AFPD and 

Humboldt Bay Fire

The Arcata Fire Protection District, founded in 1944 provides emergency services response to the communities of Arcata, McKinleyville and Manila and is staffed by 22 career staff and 20 volunteer firefighters.

Humboldt Bay Fire is a Joint Powers Authority agency formed in 2011 that merged the Humboldt Fire District with the City of Eureka Fire Department. Humboldt Bay Fire serves the City of Eureka and surrounding areas.

Humboldt Bay Fire has 65 career staff and  25 volunteer firefighters.


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