ACRH forges ahead with new charter and mission

Arcata Citizens for Responsible Housing press release

ACRH and its members are very happy with the outcome of the Council’s two protest abstention votes
which denied AMCAL’s Village project. We are thankful to the city staff and council for the time they
took to consider input from ACRH, Arcata citizens, professionals, academics, Humboldt State University
and the applicant. We are also thankful to our members who volunteered countless hours helping
shape the future of Arcata, and to the media who took time to report in a fair and unbiased manner.

As we’ve stated before, although we objected to AMCAL’s proposal, ACRH is a pro-development non-
profit community-based organization that supports the development of the Craftsman’s mall site. As
such, denial of AMCAL’s project represents the end of our efforts to alter or stop their proposal, and
marks the beginning of working towards a mixed use housing development for the site.

Following the council vote on Wednesday, August 29th, the ACRH directors established a charter to
proactively pursue mixed use housing at the Craftsman’s mall site. The charter is based on the
alternative development plan prepared by Greenway Partners, which was presented to the planning
commission and council.

The ACRH will pursue the following agenda:

 Contact the Craftsman’s Mall site owner’s realtor to understand if and when the site will
become available for purchase.
 Monitor the Craftsman’s mall accessor parcel number to identify activities that would transfer
ownership of the property.
 Contact investors and developers and assess their interest in developing an integrated project
consistent with the Greenway Partner alternative.

We are looking forward to working with all stakeholders, and hope to increase community supported
housing within our community.

Lastly, ACRH would like to recognize that none of this would be possible without the countless hours
donated by ACRH members – Arcata continues to prove it is a unique community of amazing and caring



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