Comment Policy

Guidelines for commenting on the Mad River Union website

If your comment runs afoul of these guidelines, it may be deleted or never be added. If you wish to score points with nasty barbs, there are many other local websites that will be pleased to feature your most vicious insult.

1. Be civil. Say it the way you would if the people you’re addressing were sitting across from you in a coffee shop.

2. Minimize use of pronouns, especially “you.” It’s about the issue, not the person offering an opinion on the issue.

3. Try and shed light, not throw shadow.

4. It’s not clear who originally said this, but:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

5. If you’d like to get hardcore about it, here’s a link to a list of logical fallacies. These are false arguments that have no merit, and yet which comprise a lot of what we call debate and discussion. These include arguments from popularity, arguments from authority, mistaking correlation for causation and many more.

Logical fallacies are seductive, but in the end they contribute nothing. Try going without them, if you haven't already. They make online conversation fun again!