ABC releases names of suspects in Plaza bar drug dealing case

Kevin L. Hoover
Mad River Union

ARCATA – The state Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has released the names of those arrested, and one suspect at large, in the recent undercover operation conducted at Plaza bars.

ABC is seeking revocation of the alcohol-serving permits for the Sidelines and Toby & Jack's, some of whose employees, the agency alleges, were involved with sales and possession of illegal drugs, facilitation of drug sales, outstanding warrants, conspiracy, driving under the influence and weapons violations.

The agency didn't list which specific charges apply to specific suspects. "All were arrested in connection with illegal activity at the two ABC licensed locations," said John Carr, ABC information officer II.

The suspects are:
Joshua Michael Hellyer
Elijah Calvin Browning
Augustine Cardis-Menos
Nicole Marie Costanzo
Jimmy Davis Ramsey II
Joshua G. Cuppett
Haven McCoy
Mykie Bastidas
Gabrieal Patrick Ramonez
Sarah Elizabeth Arnold
Jasmine C. Oakeshott
Scott Clinton Gamar – At Large

ABC said its agents confiscated cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy and a "psychedelic" schedule one narcotic known as DMT or Dimethyltryptamine. The methamphetamine is known as MDMA or methylenedioxy/methamphetamine.

ABC's "Penalty Guidelines," posted on the agency's website, list the recommended penalty for narcotics violations with "transactions on licensed premises" as revocation of the license.

Carr said charges of this nature are routinely submitted to bar owners, in this case Sal Constanzo, owner of both the Sidelines and Toby & Jack's. The owner may then contest the charges before an administrative law judge.

The revocation decision would nominally be made by the ABC Director Jacob Applesmith. Carr said there was "no boxed-in timeline" for the process.



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