ABC director upholds Sidelines, Toby & Jack’s license revocation

Mad River Union

ARCATA/SACRAMENTO – In twin decisions released Monday, Jacob Appelsmith, director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agency, upheld an administrative law judge's earlier ruling to revoke the liquor licenses of two Plaza bars for drug dealing on the premises.

In August, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board, a separate agency from ABC, upheld Administrative Law Judge Alberto Roldan's findings last November that the law had been broken at the Sidelines and Toby and Jack's. But the board also said that the judge's recommended license revocation was "exceptionally harsh" and an "abuse of discretion."

Following reconsideration, Appelsmith found the arguments for mitigating the penalties flawed, and upheld the revocation of the two bars' licenses, which are owned by Costanzos Genco Olive Oil Company, Inc. That company is owned by Sal Costanzo.

Appelsmith's ruling upholding the license revocation asserts that personnel and other changes made to address chronic drug dealing at the bars were made too late, and lacked urgency. "This demonstrates a lack of concern and real commitment to addressing the problems," Appelsmith said in his Sidelines decision.

The director's rulings:

Toby and Jacks Updated 10.14.19

Sidelines Updated 10.14.19




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