A Woman’s Place is in Her Home returns to Playhouse

SHARING STORIES Barbara Penny in A Woman’s Place is Her Home, which returns to the Arcata Playhouse for two nights. Photo by Tammy Rae Scott

Arcata Playhouse

CREAMERY DISTRICT –  A Woman’s Place is in Her Home is a locally generated production that explores women experiencing the largely unplanned, unpredictable realities of housing insecurity. The show is returning for two public performances on Thursday, March 28 and Friday, March 29 at 8 p.m. the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 Ninth St. in Arcata.

 As part of a pilot program for future touring, the ensemble will be performing for high school students on Thursday, March 28. Students will come to a shortened version of the show in the morning and then be involved in a series of workshops with ensemble members.

 “As well as giving people a chance to see the show, we are also creating a series of workshops and a curriculum that will inspire high school students to use theatre and performance as a vehicle for social change and expression” said Director/Writer Jacqueline Dandeneau “On our last tour, we were able to connect with Mendocino High School and it inspired us to develop this format. We are currently booking a tour for 2019-20, connecting to contacts we have made along the way. We are excited to be able to work with our local high school students to develop a program for the State that will be used for the upcoming tour.”

 The Arcata Playhouse in association with Arcata House Partnership and Food For People began the project with hopes to bring the distinctive challenges of being a houseless woman to the broader community.  

A Woman’s Place is in Her Home fuses storytelling, media, dance and music, performed by professional artists, alongside community members and activists.  Jacqueline Dandeneau directs the play featuring original compositions from Humboldt’s own Lyndsey Battle and Dharla Curry.  

Over 12 months, the creative team of  Dandeneau, Ali Freedlund and Tammy Rae Scott, documented the hardship, beauty, resilience, and resourcefulness of women in various states of homelessness, and witnessed the obstacles they face every day. The script was developed with the ensemble to bring the research to life. 

Many of this exceptional cast have experienced houselessness at some point in their lives. Together, throughout the production process, they shared life stories, prepared meals, broke down, held each other up and developed an extraordinary bond.  

 Tickets are $10 general and $8 students and seniors and are available at Wildberries Marketplace or online at arcataplayhouse.org or reserve at (707) 822-1575.



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