A Valentine for You, Arcata

Moonlight Macumber
Special to the Union

Wild nature surrounds you, beautifully.
Blushing sunsets in western belts of greenery.
Cool summer fog rolls in, heavenly.
Your crisp air allows deep breathability. 

Trailblazing forest, your legacy in perpetuity.
Your Marsh, so renowned internationally.
Honking geese fly by, seasonally.
Tree frogs chorus, melodically.

At times, it will rain incessantly.
Downpours!  Then windows of sunlight, unexpectedly.
Activities and clothing require adaptability.
Your creeks swell, as if in pregnancy. 

Returning steelhead swim upriver, madly.
Ruth Lake provides for you, abundantly.
Water from the tap, tasty... comparatively.
Household mold spotlights your humidity. 

A collegiate hamlet?  Historically.
Educating and graduating beyond a century.
Town and Gown coexist, interdependently.
Sharpened focus on all students’ safety. 

Plaza improvements shelved, only temporarily.
The Earth Flag still waves above, grandly.
Farmers’ Market pulls magnetically.
Increased urgency to purchase locally. 

An Emerald in the Triangle, you shine brightly
And continue to act with care, compassionately.
Flower empowered, we exclaim, “Happy 4/20!”
Today, the CIZ grows innovatively with prosperity. 

The Theatre Lounge towers, proudly.
Arcata House partners with dignity.
Bayside’s Hall fundraises for its longevity.
Your Wiyot revive ancestral ceremonies. 

Sea Level Rise, contemplated proactively.
Humboldt Bay, monitored vigilantly.
Mad River Union delivers with humor and alacrity.
Together, we slog up this hill in solidarity.

 Amidst all of our complexities,
Your core values still support positivity.
“Bottom?” or “Bottoms?” Not quite sure, exactly.
But it’s there one hears ocean waves, clearly.

Soon, smiles will again greet brightly,
Awakening those dormant sociabilities,
Savoring the sweetness of close proximity.
(But more humbled by revealed inequalities.)

Kinetic Sculptures, again praised gloriously!
All Species Parade will rejoice for diversity!
Yoga! Music! Arts! The Sanctuary!
Local library! Council Chamber! The University!

Your community can engage again more authentically.
Inclusive voices boost grassroots democracy.
You whisper, “It’s now time to show up for duty, civically...
And help plan for the future that you wish me to be.”

Goals for Valley West, soon addressed, deservingly.
D Street potlucks will nourish needs and equity.
Crab fans will play with home-run, fun frivolity.
Fairies will dance with home-spun magic at the Creamery.

Students can resume learning, non-virtually.
Dining and schmoozing, with hugs so gleefully.
We’ll share the wins, the losses in our stories,
And how we weathered through this virus, still alive, luckily.

Oh, Heart-cata!
Your pulse does beat, resiliently,
For the land and its commUnity.
And I find myself, knowing deeply
In you, I live here so gratefully.


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