A student’s view about what Arcata does right, and not so much

Joellen Clark-Peterson
Arcata Chamber – Special to the Union

ARCATA – Isaiah Kalaukoa, from the island of Hawaii, is a fifth year super senior at HSU pursuing a degree in International Business Administration. His is the last class to graduate in this concentration at HSU. He is the president of the Entrepreneurs Club.

SENIOR, CITIZEN Isaiah Kalaukoa. Joellen Clark-Peterson | Arhamber

How did you choose Humboldt State?

They came to my high school’s college fair and did some recruiting. I looked online at all the pictures and did a Google street view and decided I could see myself living here for the next four years. I started as a Botany major and HSU has a great botany program which added to my decision to attend HSU. 

What do you appreciate about Arcata and the area?

I love the proximity to the redwood forest and the Lost Coast. The atmosphere of Arcata kind of reflects that in its appreciation for the natural environment and its sustainability practices. The fact that it’s a small town helps to make me feel at home since I’m from an island. And I love that it’s a college town – there are young people everywhere.

What is something the area could do better?

I think the connection between the HSU community with the larger Arcata community could be better. I’m sure it’s improved over the years. I heard HSU used to be called “the ivory tower,” especially back when you could see Founders Hall from afar. I think there are a lot of groups on campus who don’t feel they have a place in Arcata. Something else that contributes to this might be a lack of consistency in service. The businesses that keep it consistent are doing great and have a lot of respect from the student community. Don’s Donuts and Rita’s come to mind. Students appreciate consistency. One idea for businesses to help bridge the gap is to reach out to the culture centers on campus and talk about their needs. Those centers are a great resource and do a lot for the student communities.

What is your post-college dream?

Short term/five years: go to as many places as I can and see every continent on Earth. Long-term goal: make a meaningful impact by way of renewable and education sectors.





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