A salute to the McK CSD’s Jens Andersen

A DECADE AND A HALF OF SERVICE May of 2020 was Jens Andersen’s 15th anniversary working for the McKinleyville Community Services District. At the time, the pandemic had been underway for a few months and MCSD staff thought that regular, in-person meetings would resume in a matter of a couple months. Because of this, staff decided to put off its recognition of Andersen’s service to the district until things returned to that elusive state of being that we all call “normal.” That hasn’t happened yet, so the MCSD staff and the Board of Directors honored Andersen at its meeting Feb. 3. While Andersen was praised for his hard work and dedication to the MCSD Parks and Recreation Department, a coworker arrived at his house with 15 balloons and rocky road ice cream. Attendees were able to witness the surprise celebration via Zoom. Andersen, in bottom square, coordinates youth and adult sport programs for the district. Zoom screenshot