A pulse-pounding, high-octane meth binge

Wednesday, March 9 3:50 a.m. Varoom! Varoom! Varoom! The meth has kicked in and Rodney Alton Jr. is at full throttle, blasting into a pulse-pounding state of being out on Greenwood Road in SheriffsLogbeautiful Blue Lake. One foot moves in front of the other as he rockets through the night. Go! Go! Go! There’s a door and Alton pounds on it, over and over and over again, clouds shifting overhead, his head buzzing, brainpan sizzling. Something’s happening and he’s got to get through this door. Open up, open up, open up. The commotion draws deputies, who try to talk to Alton, who they recognize from earlier encounters. Alton is unresponsive to their commands as he yells and makes nonsensical statements. Deputies take Alton, who’s highly agitated, into custody, but he’s unable to sit still. His body movements are exaggerated and repetitive and he clenches his jaw like he’s chewing food or gum, even though he’s not. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Alton admitted taking meth two hours before. Alton is booked into the county jail on suspicion of public intoxication.

10:04 a.m. Near the Glendale off ramp in the Blue Lake area, a backpack was found. It contained clothing, personal items, ammo and a Marlin 22-caliber rifle missing a foregrip and stock.

6:21 p.m. A deputy responded to the area of Heartwood Drive and Aspen Court in McKinleyville for a report of a male, later identified as Shawn Kimmel, walking down the street talking to himself and looking in vehicles. The deputy made contact with Kimmel, who appeared disoriented and either could not or would not answer the deputy’s questions. A records check showed that Kimmel had a warrant for his arrest. But when the deputy took hold of the suspect’s hand to cuff him, Kimmel pulled away and ran down the street. As the deputy chased him, Kimmel laughed, removed items of clothing and threw them at the deputy. Kimmel then ran to somebody’s front door and looked like he was going to open it. When the deputy caught up with Kimmel, he tried to detain him, but Kimmel allegedly swung his arms at the deputy and hit him in the jaw. The deputy hung on to Kimmel, did a leg sweep, and they both tumbled to the ground. On the front lawn of the house, the struggle continued until backup arrived. Kimmel was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and resisting arrest and booked into the county jail.


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