A frank exchange of views about tonight’s CAB meeting

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ARCATA – A member of KHSU's Community Advisory Board (CAB) and Humboldt State's president have had a frank exchange of views in advance of tonight's CAB meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. in BSS 162.

The messages below were sent to the Union via an email anonymizer. Boardmember Jana Kirk-Levine says they are authentic.

The "review" to which they refer is one requested by President Lisa Rossbacher, to be conducted by the California State University Office of Audit and Advisory Services. Rossbacher has asked for a comprehensive review of the station, including accounts payable, intra-staff and HSU-KHSU communication, FCC license oversight, volunteer engagement and training, and whether compliance audits should be asked of the California Broadcasters Association.


From: Jana Kirk-Levine
Subject: cab meeting
Date: September 22, 2018 at 9:08:20 AM PDT
To: [email protected]

Dear Lisa,

We as a CAB will be meeting. I hear what you are asking. I am listening to what you are asking. If you have suggestions on how the meeting is conducted, please offer.

Do you have a time frame on when the advisory review will be completed?  To whom did those conducting the advisory review meet with? Who will have access to the report when it is presented? I would like to update those in attendance at the meeting about this.

I will be changing the way the meetings have been conducted. I will be asking those in attendance to sign in. I will be asking that all who speak limit comments to two minutes, knowing that this will be more like three minutes per person. I will not be asking for staff reports at this time.

As facilitator I will be focusing discussion around public input from the stakeholders.  The purpose of the discussing is to collect data on issues as presented by stakeholders regarding changes in programming and policy that are affecting KHSU. I will be asking that we focus on outlining action items to promote community involvement moving the station forward in dealing with issues identified by the stakeholders.

This is not the time to suspend CAB meetings. Volunteers and listeners have a vested interest in the station. If meetings are to be suspended without explanation then this will only further stir the discontent.

Thank you again for your time and attention to well being of KHSU and the community it serves.


Sep 24, 3:13 PM
to Jana Kirk-Levine

Dear Jana --

You already know my suggestion for the meeting:  to postpone until we have have information that will enable us to develop a positive path forward for KHSU.  The additional information that will be provided in the CSU advisory review and constructive feedback on the draft mission and vision statement will be valuable sources.

I do not know when the advisory review will be complete.  The reviewers chose the people they talked with, and they report that they were able to collect a wealth of information.  I was disappointed to hear that one of the community members who was on their schedule cancelled the meeting and that a staff member declined to meet with them.  I hope to hear more about the expected timeline for the final report in the next several weeks.

You have stated that is it not true that your group "has declined to engage in developing a new vision and mission statement. We questioned the process. Community members in attendance questioned the process."  The proposed draft was intended to be a starting point, rather than asking volunteers to begin from scratch, but if another process will work better, fine.  Whatever process we use to clarify the mission and purpose of KHSU and its alignment with Humboldt State, we need to have these statements as a foundation for moving ahead.


Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.
Humboldt State University


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