A confusing case at the Community Center


CAPS SNAFU When the Arcata Ladies Orchid Society held the most exclusive affair of the season, its annual Gala Festival, at the Community Center last week, they found it attended by those with more interest in partying heartily to celebrate Mother Earth than extolling the glories of Phragmipedium schlimii or Phalaenopsis violacea f. coerulea. Among them were bros Brutus Burly and Digbert Dongle, left, who saw a flyer advertising what they thought was a Gaia Festival gathering of reggae and barbecue enthusiasts. Dismayed at the lowercase “L” in their otherwise all-caps Gala Festival flyer flyer are Orchid Society officers Harriet Hyacinth and Gertrude Gorganzola, right. As it happened, orchid fanciers felt obliged to welcome the unexpected attendees, so, with flower power as their common ground, the lads who’d had their hearts set on wings and microbrew were nonetheless able to choke down handfuls of finger sandwiches and keggers of tea instead. KLH | Union AF


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