6 days SWAP time for ‘wet and reckless’ Wheetley

Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – Former Arcata City Councilmember Mark Wheetley will perform six days of work with the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP ) following a plea over his second drunk driving arrest.

Mark Wheetley

Wheetley’s attorney, Patrick Griego, entered a plea of no contest on his behalf last Tuesday to a charge of “wet and reckless” driving, which isn’t a DUI. For this, Wheetley was sentenced to 15 days jail with credit for four days served. The 11 days will be served via six days in SWAP, beginning April 21.

Wheetley must also pay a $1,630 fine and undergo a nine-month alcohol deterrence program.

Wheetley was first arrested for DUI Jan. 7, 2018 at Old Navy Base Road and State Route 255. His second arrest, on July 13 of last year, took place at the same location in the same vehicle.

A condition of his probation was that he couldn’t drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Wheetley resigned from the council in March, 2016 to become Fortuna’s city manager. He also dropped out of the race for Humboldt County Supervisor.



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