2 million have passed through courthouse security

Last week the two millionth person walked through the Humboldt County Courthouse metal detector since it was installed in 2008.
On Oct. 14, 2008, the County of Humboldt began screening citizens entering the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka. The public is required to a walk through a metal detector and if they are carrying something, that item is required to be placed in an X –ray machine for examination.
Prior to the metal detector, no one was screened entering the courthouse.
On Monday, Feb. 8 at about noon the two millionth person entered screening and into the courthouse. During this almost-five-year period, some of the items seized that were prevented from entering the courthouse were bullets, drugs, guns, handcuffs, hand cuff keys, knives, pepper spray and other items.
Public screening of citizens entering the Humboldt County Courthouse continues to assist with keeping the courthouse safe for everyone, according to the Sheriff’s Office.


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