Arcata City Council jumps on the Measure F train

The AFD is a single-purpose special district, independent from the City of Arcata and the County of Humboldt, which is governed by a board of directors who are elected by the voters. For more information and to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Measure F, please visit


A blight of Measure F falsehoods from a league of extraordinary misleaders

“There is not enough room on this page to address the numerous misleading statements and untruths contained in the argument against Measure F. We are saddened the author has not taken time to learn extremely important facts before taking such a negative position on something as important as the safety of our community.”


Dell’Arte’s Mad River Festival canceled

For the past 30 years we have gathered in the summer on the lawn of Dell’Arte’s amphitheatre to come together as a community to laugh, listen, sing, celebrate, and see things from around the world and down the block that we’ve never seen before anywhere. It is an experience that we hope engenders solidarity, empathy, understanding, and provides new windows and apertures for us to see into who we are as a community.


Fictitious Business Name Statements, Name Changes, Summons and More

Welcome to the wonderful world of legal advertising! The Mad River Union is your one-stop shop for legal advertising in Humboldt County. We’re inexpensive and hassle free. Below you’ll find all sorts of information, but let’s cut to the chase to answer your questions about the most popular legal ads – Fictitious Business Name Statements