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Dogtown: Bet your bottom dollar on Annie, Bella

Dogtown: Bet your bottom dollar on Annie, Bella

Fall in Humboldt County is such a lovely time! Sunny afternoons are a welcome change from the endless fog of August and a great time to get out for a hike in the forest or at the beach. It’s always nice to have a doggy companion for those outings and we have a couple of

Dogtown: Impressive results with ‘wild child’ dogs

I mention the shelter volunteers a lot in this column. This dedicated group of dog walkers and cat fanciers makes a big difference in the lives of the animals at the shelter. There is plenty of statistical evidence that shows a positive correlation between volunteer hours and adoption rates at shelters. It’s not surprising that the

Dogtown: Meet Jerry & Squash, two joyful fuzzy fellows

The combined forces of shelter staff, volunteers, Redwood Pals and a supportive community resulted in a successful “Clear the Shelter” promotion over the last two weeks!  The shelter manager wanted to be in a position to assist the Weaverville shelter if fires caused them to have to evacuate. With the Humboldt shelter already filled beyond

Dogtown: Sammie and Dozer are ready to be sweet, sprightly partners

Redwood Pals Rescue is very dependent on our foster network. We don’t have a physical facility where we can keep dogs, though the shelter is always generous in allowing us some time to find placements for the dogs when space allows. Sometimes our dogs go to foster homes where the people waiver about fostering or