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Dogtown: Dogs get special training on cold, wintery days

Dogtown: Dogs get special training on cold, wintery days

The holidays are behind us and we’re on to the stormy days of January. Many dogs at the shelter found their new homes as adopters on vacation found time to come visit.  Volunteers have been working hard to find some new activities for the dogs that are still waiting for that special home. One of

Dogtown: Take a fuzzy friend home for the holidays

The frosty mornings and early sunsets are a good reminder that we really are heading for winter, despite the lovely sunny afternoons. Preparations  for winter at the shelter include a nice new load of pine chips in our play yard (because it really will rain someday), gathering donations for the annual Holiday Open House, and

Dogtown: Let Gloria come a-walkin’ down your street

This has been a big week for the shelter’s longest canine resident, Gloria. Gloria has been at the shelter since Dec. 23. That’s a long time to be in a kennel, even with warm floors, regular meals and a daily walk. Gloria is easy to overlook. She is in an end kennel, another mostly black

Dogtown: Impressive results with ‘wild child’ dogs

I mention the shelter volunteers a lot in this column. This dedicated group of dog walkers and cat fanciers makes a big difference in the lives of the animals at the shelter. There is plenty of statistical evidence that shows a positive correlation between volunteer hours and adoption rates at shelters. It’s not surprising that the